Rumor: Shenmue HD Remasters are real says Just Add Water CEO

shenmueOver on the infamous video game messaging board, NeoGAF the CEO of Just Add Water confirmed  that the Shenmue HD Remasters of the first two titles are real. First you’d ask yourself who the development team ‘Just Add Water’ really is. Well, I did some journalistic google searching and found their wikipedia page:

Just Add Water (Development) Ltd., doing business as Just Add Water, is an independent video game developer based in Otley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Founded by Stewart Gilray in 2006, Just Add Water has worked on different titles for the PlayStation 3 and PC, notably the Oddworld series. They have teamed up with Oddworld Inhabitants, to recreate the series in high definition as well as working on new installments in the series.

The Just Add Water CEO didn’t confirm anything outside of a short ‘Oh, it’s real… :-)’ message, so we made this a rumor considering that he could just be kidding with fellow board members. Though you’d think someone that is a CEO of a company that specifically ports old games wouldn’t be joking about Shenmue HD Remasters being the works. Considering Shenmue news is serious business to fans that have been waiting for SEGA to port the games since forever. Maybe Shenmue HD Remasters will be shown off in some form come E3 next month? What are your thoughts about SEGA possibly doing Shenmue HD Remasters of the first two games? Would you purchase them again? Let us know in the comments below.


11 responses to “Rumor: Shenmue HD Remasters are real says Just Add Water CEO

  1. Centrale says:

    He also followed up a few posts later on the same thread by saying “…or is it?!”

  2. Simon Handley says:

    I think it’s real and we’re gonna see them at e3 over at the Sony stage, they better have got those licenses in, or at least do a pic version, then we can add them in, ps George the link for release dates at the bottom of the webpage is going to the 2016 list

  3. Shaun Kevin Double says:

    I hope it’s on Xbone too.
    Sega used to be in tight with Xbox but lately they are favouring PS. 🙁

    • Brandon says:

      They were “tight” because they were kinda forced too. And many Sega fans weren’t exactly happy about the exclusives on that system, specifically Shenmue 2 being Xbox only when pretty much all Shenmue fans were Dreamcast owners, and 2 was released on Dreamcast outside the US.

  4. harakiri says:

    it is because microsoftr is a beyatch. they actually dissed shen 3 and some of dem other games. u reep what ye sow. and sega is like u know what ok no problem hey pc hey sony and ninty yall guys appreciate us right? ok we will give ye some bad ess games. here u go.
    now see total war yakuza bayonetta and so forth numerous games i cant even mention. let us not forget that sega is going bad ess high. they are doing freaking great. they deserve to be the best of 2016 and im telling ya right now 2017 will be theirs to.

  5. Hitrax says:

    This will be a sad day somewhat though too, as it will be the Dreamcast last biggest main IP no longer a Dreamcast exclusive, which will be just one big less reason to hook the Dreamcast up for some, making it a bit more irrelevant.

    I hate the PSN platform too, I never did like how it was compared to XBL,as you could chat I party chats while in different games. Being on PSN just felt like being more invisible.

  6. Travers travers says:

    I would, but I need … I NEED a decent English dub. Except for Ryo, I need all new actors, plz

  7. segamon says:

    I love it when Shenmue gets the attention it deserves. Im looking forward to an HD or remake of one of my facorite games! Now, how about some Panzer Saga?

  8. Hapdeep Ramjad says:

    Thrilling journalism brother, brother!

  9. Josh says:

    Remakes of Virtua Fighters, Eternal Champios, Sega Rally ,Fighting Vipers, Virtua Cop are sure hits for the new consoles if the right agreement is addressed

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