Shenmue III to be published by Deep Silver


It’s a bit late here on the east coast at time of writing, but it’s never too late to report on new goings-on with Shenmue III. The latest development is that publisher Deep Silver has partnered with the YS NET team to publish the game worldwide. Deep Silver has published several renowned titles, including Saints Row, Metro, as well as assisting with SEGA-related titles like Persona 5 in Europe, and Yakuza Kiwami later this year in the same region. At time of writing, a press release regarding this development has not been released, but once it has, we’ll work to update this article with updated information.

Other news includes definitive schedules for Gamescom-related events. If you’re heading there this year, then August 23rd and 24th will be the dates to mark for a Yu Suzuki meet & greet.


4 responses to “Shenmue III to be published by Deep Silver

  1. Senjav says:

    I don’t get it, why aren’t Sega publishing it when it’s their IP? Does that mean it isn’t going to officially be a Sega title even though the IP is? And Persona 5 okay, that was an Atlus game but Atlus is a Sega company now but most surprisingly, Yakuza Kiwami? Yakuza has started to be the biggest success it has ever been earlier this year with Yakuza Zero and they won’t bother to publish the follow up? Why Sega? This won’t do any good for the Sega’s prolific image. Sega has perfectly good overseas HQs to handle localisation anywhere.

  2. Lenno says:

    Is it wrong to feel a bit of mediocrity manifesting from this because it doesn’t have the ‘SEGA’ logo on the box? I don’t get a good feeling looking at the official artwork cover for the game as well, it’s as bad as the mediocre Xbox port of the better original Dreamcast Shenmue II. And that God awful Shenmue III font looks even worse now.

  3. Lenno says:

    I hope it works out fine though if Sega’s only involvement with it is just the licensee holder for the IP and nothing else, it could turn out being the equivalent in the series as to what Resident Evil 6 was to the Resi Evil series because Capcom tried to capitalize on the COD (Call of Duty) and GOW (Gears of War) trend – not the worst but definitely subpar the series standards, as a result people knew and said it wasn’t Resident Evil, the only thing Resident Evil about it was the name. I hope Shenmue III doesn’t end up going the same way for the rest of the series.

  4. Eccles says:

    Aw hell no. Deep Silver are better known for publishing crap than gold. This doesn’t look good all of a sudden.

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