Sonic Forces joins the list of games to be Xbox One X Enhanced

If you guys missed the news, Xbox One was getting another, more supped up console version mean’t to run games at 4k. Pretty close to what Sony did last year with the PlayStation 4 Pro, only that the Xbox One X seems to have better specs (and a hundred dollar more price tag). Microsoft is now preparing their marketing teams to hype up fans into upgrading to Xbox One X, one of the ways is to play enhanced versions of your favorite past and future titles. Looking through the list, the only SEGA title listed as a Xbox One X Enhanced is the upcoming Sonic Forces. No surprise as Sonic Forces will also take advantage of the extra power on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

So what will Sonic Forces do with the extra power of the Xbox One X? No idea, since there isn’t specifics on Major Nelson’s announcement post. Though he does say he will be updating the list and details as time goes on. You can check out the full list of Xbox One X Enhanced games here. As a Sonic fan, are you interested in the Xbox One X if its the best way to play Sonic Forces (outside of a PC)?


2 responses to “Sonic Forces joins the list of games to be Xbox One X Enhanced

  1. Harvey says:

    Oh sure. Leave it to SEGA to make the Switch version only run at 30fps while the other ones run at 60. Nice

    • Noel says:

      You can’t blame SEGA if the Switch is underpowered compared to the others. Did you expect them to make all version run at 30fps so the Switch would not look bad? C’mon.

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