Fist of the North Star reveals more story, new characters and play spots details

maxresdefaultSEGA has updated the official website for Fist of the North Star (Hokuto ga Gotoku) website offering new details on the story, four new characters and even details on play spots within the game. Of course there are also new screenshots. I won’t go into great detail about the story right here, you can visit Gematsu who translated the website news themselves. The story goes into more detail but its piratically the same.

As for the new characters confirmed, the first one is Souther (voiced by Hiroki Touchi) the man who calls himself ‘Emperor’. This man is the sole successor of the Nanto Houhouken martial arts style. A prideful warrior that looks down on his weaker opponents and holds a secret you will discover. Next we got Jagi (voiced by Hidenari Ugaki) one of Kenshiro’s brothers who also studied Hokuto Shinken. Envious of Kenshiro, he wears a strange helmet and is an unpredictable person. Uighur (voiced by Naomi Kusumi) is a man that runs the prison known as Cassandra, which is considered a death sentence by many since no one leaves alive. Nadai (voiced by Masato Obara) is the founder of Eden. A accomplished man that created Eden within a generation but died suddenly several years ago.

Hit the jump to talk about the new minigames.

Fist of the North Star (Hokuto ga Gotoku) also has a few new playspots detailed including:

  • Hyahhaa Rally: Where you can explore the wasteland outside of Eden by riding a buggy. You will be able to upgrade the buggy with spare parts allowing you to explore more of the wasteland. SEGA Rally eat your heart out.
  • Bartender Ken: Lets Kenshiro become a bartender and serves costumers liquor based on their situation or problems.
  • Death Batting: Is a mini-game that lets you play baseball in the wasteland using an iron poll to hit bike-riding baddies.
  • Kenshiro Clinic: Kenshiro uses his ‘pressure point treatment’ to cure people in Eden via a rhythm action-style mini-game. Not all people seeking treatment are good people.
  • Black Suit Kenshiro: ‘Nightclub’ is a big thing in Eden. While in the Nightclub, Kenshiro will don a black suit. You will have to protect the public from customers that get too drunk.
  • Hokuto no Ken on SEGA Mark III (Master System): While exploring the wasteland you will come upon relics such as this ‘Game Machine and Game Cabinet’ from an older civilization. This one is for Hokuto ga Gotoku which lets you can play the 1986 side-scrolling action game. (localized as Black Belt outside of Japan).

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