Sonic Forces four-part free digital comic debuts today, written by Ian Flynn

This is a surprise! Coming off of the IDW panel last week which revealed former Archie Sonic writer Ian Flynn was heading up writing duties of the new IDW series, fans were wondering if we would see a Sonic Forces adaptation and… we are! Today! SEGA and Sonic Team have announced a four-part digital comic series scripted by Ian Flynn which serves as a prequel to the upcoming Sonic Forces. The first part is titled “Moment of Truth” and stars the Chaotix and the Custom Hero Character, and can be read after the break. More chapters release later this month.

SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_P1_1507581691 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_P2_1507581695 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_P3_1507581698 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_P4_1507581701 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_P5_1507581704 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_P6_1507581708 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_P7_1507581711


5 responses to “Sonic Forces four-part free digital comic debuts today, written by Ian Flynn

  1. Bertodecosta says:

    Wow.. This comic is good. Ian Flynn still rocks.

  2. GameFreak456 says:

    is this the the hole comic book or is there more?

  3. Sonicfan says:

    Wow its awsome wish there was more though…

  4. Hahahaha I’ll do it Priya!! Just give me the space.

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