Sonic Team producer expresses interest in making a new Samba de Amigo for Nintendo Switch

Sonic Team producer, Shun Nakamura, was recently interviewed by Eurogamer discussing Sonic Mania and its impact on future Sonic titles. When asked about the Nintendo Switch’s features and his time working on Samba de Amigo for the SEGA Dreamcast, the producer expressed high interest in making another title in the franchise for the console. Here’s what he had to say in the matter:

“I really, really want to make it! This is coming from someone who had to make physical items you had to buy and plug into your console in order to play Samba de Amigo at home. When the Wii came out, there was only one Wii Remote, and you had to buy another one. You could still do it, but it’s a bit of a hurdle to get over. The first time I saw the Switch, I thought oh my god – this is it! You don’t have to buy another peripheral, you don’t need to buy another controller. I’m really, really interested in that.” – Shun Nakamura

Samba de Amigo made it’s latest outing on the Nintendo Wii with the help from Gearbox. What are your thoughts if Sonic Team themselves can produce another game in the franchise for the Switch?


7 responses to “Sonic Team producer expresses interest in making a new Samba de Amigo for Nintendo Switch

  1. segaismysavior says:

    I’d buy that with zero hesitation.

  2. TDixpix says:

    So would I, but only if they got the controls right. That Wii outing was embarrassing.

  3. Trezell Whack says:

    Yes, they say they’re more than just Sonic games but now is the time for them to show it

  4. OriginalName says:

    I’m not sure if Samba de Amigo is as strong now as it was when there was nothing else like it, but I think it has potential. I personally think that Sonic Forces is only going to appeal to a very niche market, which they can continue to appeal to Team Fortress 2 “hats” style.

    Outside of that, I think they shot themselves in the foot by releasing Mania and Forces so close together (though I think it’s the best thing for the company in the long run), and the real Sonic Team is going to need to diversify if they don’t want become known as just the “other” Sonic team.

  5. Elly says:

    Great news, i think to succeed
    ( Samba Da Amigo) they should work closely with does guy / girls that made Hatsu Miku. Personally i think Sonic Team will benefit from that just like they did with Sonic Mania 😂

  6. I as well think this idea sounds grand. I love Amigo to! I also think they should make a NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams game on switch. Not like I’d buy one, but I’d like to see the older characters making newer comebacks. Like NiGHTS and Amigo done on the Wii.

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