Catherine: Full Body to include online battles, new endings and sexy events


We posted earlier today that Atlus revealed a Catherine remake, being titled Catherine: Full Body. One of the new features was a pink haired, “third Catherine”, who is actually named Rin.  You can see her above. We got a few more details on her, according to Weekly Famitsu, she is a pianist at the bar Vicente frequents. She is honest and gentle. Sounds like my type of waifu.

The developer also discussed new features only in this remake including new endings, more animation and even online battles:

Catherine : Full Body will have new endings, which makes sense if you think about them adding a brand new girl into the mix. The developers have also stated there will be another episode added into the game, more animation and plenty of ‘sexy events’. Since a new girl, Rin, is joining Catherine and Katherine, there will be new branches to open up and paths to take in the story.

According to the developer, the name Catherine: Full Body comes from full-bodied wine (Wines with over 12.5% to 13.5% alcohol) and gives this remake a ‘erotic tone’. Personally should have made the new girl a little more… full bodied, but hey.

Studio Zero, the developer behind the remake, have stated there is a lot of difficulties with the new convenient system for the game (don’t know what that is). They have also confirmed that there will be a new feature that lets you connect several blocks, a new mode and even feature online battles. I really hope that these online battles will be cross playable with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita users. Maybe that’s why the developers decided to skip Nintendo Switch? Who knows. We do know that Catherine: Full Body will allow cross-save support for PS4 and PS Vita.

[Source: Siliconera]


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