Jet Set Radio composer lends talent to Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

While some people will say that remixing a track of Persona 3 isn’t a huge deal, it is when its Hideki Naganuma who has delivered some of the best remixed soundtracks of all time. If you didn’t know Hideki Naganuma is known for composing soundtracks such as Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Ollie King, Sonic Rush, and more. The last time he worked within SEGA was in 2012 when he did minor work on Yakuza 5.

Seems that he is back, at least at Atlus. He has confirmed via twitter that has joined the Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night soundtrack and will be remixing “When the Moon’s Reaching out the Stars”, which you can hear above. Another company name that made the remix list is Yuu Miyake of Namco-Bandai fame, who is doing a remix of “Deep Breath Deep Breath”. But he has been on Persona soundtracks in the past. Nice to get new soundtrack featuring a track by Hideki Naganuma, even if its just a remix. Hey, maybe SEGA or Atlus will hire him more in the future. Here is hoping.

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night hits PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, in Japan, on May 24, 2018. As far as I know there hasn’t been a Western release announced yet. Atlus plans to also release Persona 5: Dancing Star Night on the same.


One response to “Jet Set Radio composer lends talent to Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

  1. Dennis Livingston says:

    Honestly I’d rather just have a large collection or better yet all the tracks from the game’s themselves then a small handful of new remixes… like they did with P4D.

    And was really hoping for a new gameplay system, but looks to be the same/similar, with the inputs flying towards far opposite sides of the screen at once.. that simply was not very good design imo.

    I’d prefer a carbon copy of Hatsune Miku gameplay with the persona soundtracks.

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