Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comic to get new character reveal in 5 days


IDW has now teased on Facebook that there will be a new character announced for their Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series that is set to launch this upcoming April. The company provided the above image and the description below:

“We’ve been getting a lotta questions about who’s going to join Sonic in the new series. And here’s your first look! It’s… a hand? Who’s that with Sonic?!? Oh well, guess we’ll find out all about that mysterious figure in 5 days!”

As far as who this mystery character could be, who knows. IDW didn’t say if it was a new character created for the comics or if its someone that is returning. But who do you think will be joining Sonic the Hedgehog in his new upcoming comic book? Do you want to see a new character or returning character? Let us know the in the comments below.


4 responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comic to get new character reveal in 5 days

  1. AfroRyan says:

    If it’s Tails I’ll laugh.

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  3. Sonic says:

    There are
    Seems to be a chaos by the New character or returning character

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