Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire changes its name to…

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The Crazy Taxi social media accounts have announced that Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire will be changing its name to… Crazy Taxi Tycoon. The game can now be found on the App Store and Google Play under the new name. No reasoning is given, however I’m certain it has to do with how difficult “Gazillionaire” may be for people to spell and the fact that it doesn’t quite tell you what the game is all about. Crazy Taxi Tycoon is more on the nose and a welcome change.


3 responses to “Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire changes its name to…

  1. Bertodecosta says:

    “Gazillionaire” may be harder to spell, but it’s still a whole lot cooler than “Tycoon”.

  2. Dennis Livingston says:

    Wow, lame change.

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