The time President Donald Trump attended the SEGA Genesis launch in 1989

Back in the olden days, console launches really benefited from regular TV exposure and SEGA had a segement on Movietime (later renamed E!) in 1989 when they launched their revolutionary SEGA Genesis home console. Most of the talking is done by Andy Eddy then editor-in-chief for Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine. But if you watch the video, about 1:19 mark has our now President Donald Trump attending the event. Not only that, he also has (what seems) like a decent haircut.

Not only that but we also have SEGA founder David Rosen later on in the clip talking about the POWER of the SEGA Genesis.


4 responses to “The time President Donald Trump attended the SEGA Genesis launch in 1989

  1. Hitrax says:

    Love it.

    Good to see David Rosen making an appearance for a change too, usually very elusive character.
    Come to think of it, not much is known about what he does now, I did find some thread on the Sega official forums I think, where he became a lawyer for some time or something like that, probably does something else nowadays.

    I know he was less active at Sega before Nakayama, when Hayao Nakayama stepped down in 1997, he was the last of Sega’s original founding members since Sega’s birth to become indirect.

  2. Ikagura says:

    That guy’s a meme

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