Night Trap coming soon to Nintendo Switch [UPDATED]

It was the former chairman of Nintendo of America Howard Lincoln that famously said, during a 1993 hearing in front of Congress, that Night Trap “will never appear on a Nintendo console.” Hey Howard: Developer Screaming Villains has announced that Night Trap is coming soon to Nintendo Switch! We’ll have more information as we hear it.

If you haven’t listened to our interview with Screaming Villains, check it out! Tyler provides great insight into the process of remastering the original game.

Update: Limited Run Games has announced that the game will receive a physical release!


3 responses to “Night Trap coming soon to Nintendo Switch [UPDATED]

  1. Ikagura says:

    But why that Sega CD game in particular?

    • Bertodecosta says:

      Because it’s the most controversial. Not because it’s good or just for mature or such, but because it’s being quoted by Nintendo on US congress where as a direct result of those events, The ESRB was established. The game is part of the history, thanks to Nintendo.

  2. Bertodecosta says:

    Howard Lincoln : “Night Trap will never appear on a Nintendo system.”
    The trailer title : “Never say never.”

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