Idola Phantasy Star Saga Producer and Director talks changed setting, link to past games

As you guys already know, I wrote a long whiny post on why I wasn’t too into Idola Phantasy Star Saga mobile game and now we get some more clarification from the Director and Producer on the changes in setting. Gathered by Siliconera, according to the change in setting:

“The reason why Idola has a different setting and worldview from Phantasy Star Online 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2 es, is because it could become a hurdle for people who don’t play PSO2 if it were directly related. Although the game has been made to be easy to get into even for those new to the series, the common elements in the series still remain. Idola is also meant to bring back those who stopped playing PSO2 and PSO2 es, as something “Phantasy Star-like”. That said, there may be some smaller connections to the world of Oracle from PSO2.”

As for having some connection to the past games, considering this game is a 30th Anniversary title, they said:

“‘Idola’ is a term related to Dark Falz, and even music tracks in past games have had ‘Idola’ in their name. They used it in the title because the story is about people rising up against the minions of Dark Falz.”

You can check out more topics that the Idola Phantasy Star Saga Producer (Shuntaro Tanaka) and Director (Tomomasa Chin) talked about in the Famitsu Weekly issue via Siliconera’s article.


3 responses to “Idola Phantasy Star Saga Producer and Director talks changed setting, link to past games

  1. Yamato says:

    You know what’s medieval and fantasy? Shining, it even has more waifus! This is just a cashgrab, there’s just no way they actually thought we would be grateful for a mostly single player gacha game.

  2. Ikagura says:

    Do I see a newman here? I hope they’ll show us a Cast and probably a high-tech level

  3. Tdixpix says:

    It probably couldn’t be any worse. I’m really excited to learn what actual demographics play this game.

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