Jim Carrey confirms that his portrayal of Dr. Eggman will be live action

Jim Carrey is making the rounds online doing interviews at the recent Television Critics Associations event, that means that interviewers got to ask a variety of question to do write ups. You might noticed the increase in Jim Carrey articles this morning ranging from his opinion on Trump to recent big budget comedy films. The people over at Deadline decided to ask Jim Carrey about his upcoming Doctor Eggman portrayal in the upcoming Paramount Pictures Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

So what new information did we get? All we got was Jim Carrey admitting “It will be live-action” when talking about the character. This seems to be a big change considering this will be the first time that Eggman will get a live action portrayal and the first time since 2005* (Actually 2003, thanks for the correction Mike) that Mike Pollock won’t be voicing the iconic villain. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie and the fact that Dr. Eggman will be live-action? Also, why do mainstream media journalist continue to use Dr. Robotnik?


2 responses to “Jim Carrey confirms that his portrayal of Dr. Eggman will be live action

  1. me says:

    Honestly, it’s a pretty good choice. Game Eggman has a really grating, annoying voice that doesn’t suit him. Movie Eggman will have a really grating, annoying everything that doesn’t suit him. Peftect, if you ask me.

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