Jim Carrey shows off new haircut for live action Dr. Eggman role

The image above has surfaced via the instagram of MistaSmooth, showing of Jim Carrey’s new haircut. According to Jim Carrey Online fan blog, this new haircut is for the upcoming Paramount “Sonic” movie where Jim Carrey will play a live action Dr. Eggman.

My thoughts? Uh, that isn’t what Dr. Eggman’s hair is suppose to be. Dr. Eggman’s name is a reference to him being overweight and bald. It seems that Jim Carrey is aiming at changing that with a more ‘Joker’ like haircut. What are your thoughts? Maybe they’ll actually call him Doctor Robotnik in this one…


13 responses to “Jim Carrey shows off new haircut for live action Dr. Eggman role

  1. SonikSky says:

    I love that Jim carry is doing the role. As for the haircut – I think it works. I think the problem with film adaptations of an old 16bit 90s Japanese franchise is being too literal.

    I feel like the hair style captures the essence of dr robotnik and his crazy mustache. I mean it might be really off putting to walk around seeing a totally bald Jim carry. Heh

    • Robbie says:

      I hope you’re kidding, otherwise that’s the most ridiculous comment I’ve read. Your kind of logic is one of the main reasons why the Mario movie was so awful.

    • Tdixpix says:

      Really? You can’t just copy A to B and expect that it’s all going to work out fine. I’d take a Wailuigi version of Robotnik if it meant that Carey was playing the character. You have no idea the gift of him playing The Egg is to this weird weird movie. Hell, it might even make it worth watching.

    • Tarnish says:

      Might as well make Sonic an old, fatass, crippled human while they’re at it, because why keep anything at all faithful to the source material?

  2. 1991 says:

    Or that he may be wearing a bald cap, dunno. It seems cut short on the sides.

  3. molul says:

    The movie will be horrible. It should have been fully 3D animated from the very beginning. I’m sorry for Jim Carrey, I like him a lot.

  4. VirtuaIceMan says:

    Who knows, maybe he’ll start as a normal non-CGI scientific doctor, then some transformation makes him Eggman?

  5. Chocoland says:

    That also isn’t any Genesis controller I’ve ever seen on his shirt either…

  6. Why does Jim Carrey actually look like Dr.Eggman in that picture?

  7. Brettsky128 says:

    What I want to know is what the mustache is going to look like.

  8. SG3000 says:

    People. a sonic movie from hollywood is being produced and everything says that it will flop. we can wait and see. I personally love it. top occupation and that really is a budget behind it. stay calm and look forward to the movie!

  9. TigerClaw says:

    Maybe he’ll go bald at some point in the movie. Who knows.

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