SEGA survey asks fans if they want remasters of Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza Kenzan

If you guys missed the official SEGA Survey for Yakuza: Kiwami 2, you should probably give it a spin because it suggests that the company is considering Yakuza remasters of its Samurai spin-off games Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza Kenzan.

As you know SEGA already announced that they are porting or ‘remastering’ Yakuza 3 through 5 on the PlayStation 4. We already know that Yakuza 3 just released and it topped the sales charts in Japan. The latest spin-off on here, Yakuza: Ishin! came out in 2014 while Yakuza Kenzan came out way back in 2008.

Here are the questions from the survey:

  • How interested are you in purchasing remasters/remakes of existing Yakuza games?
  • How interested are you in purchasing new games set in the world of Yakuza?
  • How interested are you in purchasing games created by the Yakuza team in other worlds, like the upcoming Fist of the North Star game?
  • How interested are you in purchasing the various spin-off titles that have never received western release?

The last time SEGA made a survey they asked how many Yakuza games we cant take back-to-back, which has resulted in a huge influx of Yakuza games the last couple of years. Could we be seeing more Yakuza titles?


9 responses to “SEGA survey asks fans if they want remasters of Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza Kenzan

  1. Razzee says:

    Oh, I was not expecting for this. These games are said to be very hard to localize since they use old Japanese vocabulary. Also, I feel sorry for the guy who has been working on the translation of Kenzan (it’s almost finished).

    • Razzee's lover and soulmate says:

      You are a very sweet and beautiful girlfriend miss Razzee-chan, i wish i could kiss your legs slowly while telling you how much you mean to me

    • Razzee says:

      Are you feeling well today, Elfezen from Steam?

    • Razzee's lover and soulmate says:

      Yes, i am sorry, not sure who this name is but it is just that you are always so sweet and beautiful and you deserve to have everything you want and to be happy forever, you are like a cute angel and being with you feels wonderful.

  2. fs says:

    it’s kiwami not kawami

  3. Tailsic says:

    oh my god, number 2 on my sega wishlist, could be happening, a localization of Yakuza Kenzan, oh god please yesssss.

  4. Deefy says:

    Kenzan is one if not my favorite Yakuza game…

  5. yodawg says:

    yo wsup bois i want to be spicy samurai blade masta yknow wut im sying? remaster those gems or imma blast yo fuul

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