Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams to be playable in Umihara Kawase Fresh! on Nintendo Switch

Way back in 1991 a small developer known as Success worked with the SEGA System 16B Arcade Board to create the very first entry that would be known as their Cotton series. These scrolling shooting arcade games would become cult fan favorite games at arcades and even SEGA consoles.

Now Studio Saizensen President Toshinobu Konodo joined 4Gamer’s TGS livestream to talk about concepts and ideas for their upcoming game Umihara Kawase Fresh! which was announced for Nintendo Switch.During the live stream, they revealed that the cult classic Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams would be fully playable within Umihara Kawase Fresh! Not only that, after you get deeper into the game, Cotton herself will be unlockable and she even got a brand new look (see featured image) to match Umihara Kawase Fresh’s in-game art style. Does this mean there is an actual possibility that our girl Cotton could make a comeback? While she has had a few releases, everyone considers ‘Rainbow Cotton‘ on the SEGA Dreamcast to be the last true entry into the franchise. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in a new Cotton game?

[Via: Siliconera]


2 responses to “Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams to be playable in Umihara Kawase Fresh! on Nintendo Switch

  1. SkyBlue says:

    I wouldn’t mind Cotton in the SEGA AGES Collection if the games are considered honourary guests to SEGA.

  2. MR RYAN D PARSONS says:

    Love to see all 5 on switch cotton 1 FND but especially cotton 2 and boomerang of which I’ve never played. I am curious to learn who has the ip and cost it would take to port them over to the Switch, any help be appreciated @Ry_Bones

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