SEGA places second in Metacritic’s game publisher rankings

2018 certainly felt like a great year for SEGA and ATLUS games, and the recently released list of game publisher rankings by Metacritic solidifies it. While SEGA placed 3rd in 2017’s list, 2018’s list sees SEGA moving up a spot to second!

Sega landed in our top 3 for the third time in four years (with the exception coming in a year when Sega failed to release enough games to qualify for our “major” publishers group). That’s especially impressive given that Sega released more distinct titles than all but one other publisher in 2018. Note that all of Sega’s averages and totals include games published by Atlus, a recently acquired Sega subsidiary that (as of 2018) now shares top-level management with the parent company.

SEGA released 30 distinct titles with a total of 41 products. The best overall release was Sonic Mania Plus for the Nintendo Switch which had a Metacritic score of 91 and was also cited as the users’favorite with a 8.9 rating. The best new IP was Two Point Hospital with a Metacritic score of 83. Shining Resonance Refrain, a game we cited as a disappointing release and earned a C+ in our review, was the lowest rated title from SEGA with a score of 67 (which has to be said, it not an awful score).

First place was given to Capcom, which saw a huge jump from the previous year’s list where they placed fifth. Interestingly, despite beating SEGA, SEGA still has a higher score for best overall release (Monster Hunter: World received a 90) AND a higher score for their lowest rated game (Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 received a 60). Still the numbers favored Capcom which gave them an overall average Metascore of 79.3 compared to SEGA’s 78.5. EA, meanwhile, placed third.

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10 responses to “SEGA places second in Metacritic’s game publisher rankings

  1. Dude, did Sega just beat Nintendo?

  2. Fat Frog says:

    No, they didn’t beat Nintendo.
    They beat all major publishers in term of balance since 2016 (The only one grabbing a medal each year)

    And there is on obvious reason they are the real winner in 2018: Capcom released 14 different games, Sega 30…

    About Nintendo ? Don’t forget they have with them tons of websites with them : nintendolife, nintendothis, Nintendo blabla. Are Segabits reviews counted on metacritic ? I doubt about it. Sony is blacklisting bad reviewers, and the best Sega Games are not even reviewed on metacritics (all the arcade games stuck in japan, Sega’s speciality).

    The 3 Console makers are very advantaged in many ways.

    • Debonair says:

      As your assessment is looking at the metacritic in terms of combined software output (which is a lot more important to a company than hardware – software makes money and hardware costs money) if SEGA had as much fan sites as Nintendo, more than just SEGABits, SegaNerds, MegaVisions and SegaAddicts ect, Sega would be ahead of them in more than just software alone.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I should note SEGA Nerds and SEGA Addicts closed up shop, so there are even fewer fan sites. SEGA Driven deserves a shout out for still going.

  3. Tattler says:

    Almost first, beaten only by Capcom last year.

  4. Thanks Hitrax for the info!

  5. And actually Sega Nerds is now Sega Mega Visions I think.

  6. PEDRO says:

    Yeah that placement should be higher. Ha, ha!

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