Analogue Mega SG to Include Unreleased Title Ultracore from Battlefield Developers

Analogue’s FPGA Mega Drive/Genesis console, the Mega Sg is giving would be owners an additional bonus built into the console. A pack in title! Hardcore, a side-scrolling shooter in the vein of other European shooters such as the Turrican series, was developed by Digital Illusions who have since changed their name to DICE. (Who went on to become famous for the Battlefield series.) Due to the impending arrival of disc based consoles in 1994, the publisher of the game, Psygnosis decided to cancel the title despite being slated for release on Amiga, Mega Drive, Genesis and SEGA CD, with the Mega Drive/Genesis version being nearly ready for shipment. However due to legal issues, Analogue states on their website the game will be renamed to Ultracore. The game content will remain the same.

In recent years a publisher known as Strictly Limited, run by members of the game’s developers, have acquired publishing rights from Sony for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. However Analogue has recently announced that they will be the first to house the game onto every Mega Sg console. The game was nearly lost due to hard drive failure that would have wiped the game out from existence.

Analogue is looking to repeat it’s efforts in providing unreleased video games with their hardware as an additional incentive. They had previously provided an unreleased title on their last console, the Super NT. It featured two pack-in games for it’s FPGA based Super Nintendo console which included an unreleased version of Super Turrican and it’s sequel that could be accessed from the console’s system menu. No doubt this is a fantastic incentive for an already attractive package; an HDMI ready clone console with a wide range of compatibility options out of the box.

The Mega Sg is currently available for pre-order from their website with release slated for April 2019.

[Source: Analogue]


10 responses to “Analogue Mega SG to Include Unreleased Title Ultracore from Battlefield Developers

  1. Eck says:

    Unrelated I know but this news reminded me of it again for some reason, and I hope some one here can answer it, why can’t I buy SEGA’s Castle of Illusion (2013) game on the Xbox Live service when it clearly states it’s available?

    I use the Xbox One, I had it on PSN from 5 years ago too, but I always wanted to have it on Xbox One and I know it had the backwards compatibility update being on the 360 so that it was also compatible on Xbox One after Sega decided to renew their licence with Disney again, but when you try to buy it, it says it can only be bought on, yet when I go there, the ‘Buy’ button does not appear there either.

    • Buster says:

      I think Sega’s license to use Mickey Mouse for that game expired in the past couple years. Only people who already own it can download it now.

    • Eck says:

      Yes it expires but they renewed it again and put it back up for sale after it got the backward compatibility treatment, and it states you can still buy it either on 360 or, but as I don’t have a 360 anymore, just the X1, the only way I can purchase it according to them is through, which is where the problem is, because there is no ‘buy’ button.

  2. Debonair says:

    I wondered about that myself. No idea why but it should be available, weird how try want you to buy it on the site but not on the console.

  3. PEDRO says:

    Interestingly the fans who want to get hold of the game already will have the MD console anyway and just want a physical release of the game.

    • Eck says:

      True, plus Sega is just going to re-release the 30th anniversary edition of the MegaDrive later this year with the new official MegaDrive mini and are currently looking at what games to have built into it, as always it will be possible to have all proprietary MegaDrive games on it.

      Sega fan Fes (festival) 2018 was when it was first announced, and the Sega Festival 2019 takes place on March 30th – just over a month away which will make it a year since it was announced, more details should follow then.

    • PEDRO says:

      Thanks for that heads up!

  4. Eck says:

    Oh yea, managed to purchase the 2013 version of Castle of Illusion earlier today, finally worked it out, you just have to go to the 360 part of the site and the ‘click to download to 360’ on, and you don’t have to download it on the site but just buy it there to register that on have it and then on the Xbox One you’ll see it’s ready to install.

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