Crush 40 set to release a new “Ultimate Collection” album in July

Johnny and Jun are doubling down this year with their own album: Driving Through Forever: The Ultimate Crush 40 Collection, listing all their best hits from the last 20 years. Unlike Maximum Overdrive, which lists multiple artists with Jun Senoue, this is all only Crush 40. There are multiple Internet listings, from Amazon UK to Tower Records JP, ranging for around $25-$30 depending on the seller. Four tracks are already confirmed with classics like: Open Your Heart, Live & Learn, Sonic Heroes, and Green Light Ride.

Personally, this makes me excited since it has been 10 years since we got a full anthology of Crush 40, and there are plenty of songs they produced during that time. So, it will be a joy to hear some of my personal favorites (One of Those Days is my hopeful that is on there) so it will be a different take than the last albums they released. At least the days of burning and ripping my own Crush 40 CDs since high school are gone. There doesn’t seems to be a digital confirmation, but it is safe to stay that it will be a good possibility it will be available upon release. The light turns green for purchase on July 24th at multiple retailers currently. Please stay tuned at SEGABits for more information about the album more news arrives.


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  1. ikagura says:

    Tee Lopes deserved better

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