Dj CUTMAN’s “Spindash” – a Sonic the Hedgehog fan-made remix album available now!

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is not new to fan-made remix albums, and given the quality of Sonic music, I can’t blame the many artists out there for being inspired to put their spin on classic tracks. But every once in a while a really special remix album hits, and Dj CUTMAN’s “Spindash” is one of those. The album, licensed by SEGA, is a fitting tribute to SEGA’s blue mascot featuring diverse styles of music and even ventures outside of the 16-bit era to remix tunes from Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Colors.

“Spindash” is available now on Loudr, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Dj CUTMAN performed at this past weekend’s MAGFest, and SEGAbits was there! We’ll have coverage from the event up on the site soon, in the meantime check out the album and after the break, read the press release.

Spindash: 16 Dance Remixes of Sonic the Hedgehog Music and Licensed by Sega

Spindash is a fan-made remix album produced by Dj CUTMAN’s video game remix record label GameChops.

January 20th, 2015 – Game music record label GameChops has just released Spindash, a Sega-licensed tribute album to the music of Sonic the Hedgehog. Produced by Dj CUTMAN, Spindash features 16 video game remixers spanning diverse styles of dance music, from drum ’n bass to dubstep to trance.

Spindash is a modern reimagination of Sonic the Hedgehog’s most beloved music. Old school fans will recognize themes from Genesis-era favorites like Chemical Plant and Ice Cap Zone. The album also features music from more recent Sonic games, including Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Colors.

Dj CUTMAN has curated talent from across North America and Europe for Spindash. GameChops is known for professionally mastered albums that upgrade classic game music into an entirely new experience.

The album is available for $10 from, and individual tracks can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. For more information visit

About GameChops
GameChops is a record label for video game remixes, founded by Dj CUTMAN in 2012. Originally created as a resource for DJs who perform at game industry events, GameChops is record label and youtube channel dedicated to producing professional level video game remixes. GameChops has partnered with San Francisco based music licensing company Loudr to secure mechanical licenses for video game compositions.

Visit for more information. Stream the entire GameChops catalog at

Dj CUTMAN is a prolific producer of chiptune and video game music. His record label GameChops is the first of it’s kind to license dance music remixes from major video game publishers like Nintendo and Sega. He hosts a weekly chiptune show “This Week In Chiptune” spotlighting some of the world’s best chip-musicians, and authors the blog


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