“Dreams of An Absolution” singer Bentley Jones releases new remixed music video

One cannot deny that one of the few things positive about 2006’s version of Sonic the Hedgehog was the music. It had a wide array of melodies and themes from rock n’ roll, hip-hop, and contemporary to name a few. Earlier this morning, Bentley Jones, who is the singer of the hit song “Dreams of An Absolution” released a brand-new music video featuring him singing and running in different locals. For more information about Bentley Jones’s 10th anniversary celebration, click the jump to find out more.

Although there is no Silver the Hedgehog, Jones recreates arguably his most successful single with the same opulent beauty and ambience as the original. There seems to be a more laid back synthesized but more epic-feeling style that this song takes on. I always find that people love to sing this together, usually in harmony and it had a feeling of just screaming and singing from the top of the roof. Heck, the choreography does have Jones singing from a tower, as it flashes between him singing and watching a TV broadcast of himself on top of the tower (which is a call to his 10th anniversary of his own music). The song doesn’t change much other than some occasion lulling ambiance to the music, making it feel other worldly (futuristic perhaps?). I also thought of the song as a lover’s ballad growing up and as cheesy as the lyrics are, I can’t help but sing along with Bentley Jones (although his voice is far superior to mine) to this beautifully written remix. Go check out the music video if you want to cry deeply, of tears of joy that is! Here is the link to his new music video if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1xqK18X0RI.


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  1. ikagura says:

    Sorry to say that but it doesn’t sounds like Sonic at all…

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