Youtuber “Balena Productions” releases statement on troubling situation

Steve Page, creator of Balena Productions and various SFM videos such as Christmas with Sonic and Sonic Zombies, has released a statement about his current situation with Youtube. According to the Balena Productions Discord chat, Page said that half of his ads with disabled on his videos and has tried to work it out with his channel manager, only to have Youtube say that his videos are “working as intended”.

Steve is one of the very first Youtubers that I’ve watched, even back to the SonicDood3 days. It breaks my heart to see someone who wanted to follow his passion and get so far, only for the Youtube guidelines and algorithms to take hold of his channel unfairly. Source Film isn’t an easy thing to do and takes a lot of time, but the quality that holds up is why I keep coming back. All we ask here at SEGABits is to at least show some support. I know that the community is strong and can hopefully get Steve, his girlfriend Riana, right-hand man Apoc Hedgie, and others back up to where they need. Click the link to find out more about the situation and how you can help in any way you can.


2 responses to “Youtuber “Balena Productions” releases statement on troubling situation

  1. cubeb3@hotmail says:

    What link?

  2. Chris says:

    This really sucks, I love his Sonic Christmas videos.

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