SEGA AGES Shinobi coming soon, more information revealed

SEGA AGES continues along, now entering the mysterious world of ninja with the SEGA arcade classic Shinobi. In this game, you play as the ninja Joe Musashi, as you’re tasked with rescuing kids held hostage scattered throughout the stage, with an emphasis on jumping between foreground and background. Of course, it won’t be easy, as you must also fight your way through swarms of enemies, armed with your melee attacks, throwing weapons like shurikens, and special attacks that clear out the screen. All tied together by the occasional Bonus Stage, where you have to clear out every ninja with either your shurikens or sword.

SEGA AGES Shinobi adds several new features, as usual with these SEGA AGES releases. For those that want to improve themselves or want to skip stages, both a new stage select and difficulty options are now available. A special border will also be provided that emulates an arcade setting, similar to SEGA AGES Space Harrier. But the biggest addition is the SEGA AGES mode, which causes Joe to dress up in white garments, be fully powered up, and have a life system. For those that have played The Super Shinobi (aka The Revenge of Shinobi), this brand new SEGA AGES mode will be very familiar.

SEGA AGES Shinobi is priced at ¥999 (roughly $9.20), though with no definitive release date yet.

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12 responses to “SEGA AGES Shinobi coming soon, more information revealed

  1. Centrale says:

    They are killing me making all this good stuff exclusive to Switch… come on M2/Sega, let’s get this series onto PC and the other consoles as well!

    • Miguel says:

      I agree every system out there should be able to play any Sega game ever made for us to enjoy, I’ve never been a big fan of exclusives games for one system I’d wish they would stop that.

    • M1DW4Y says:

      All Sega games should be available for every platform.

      PREACH IT!

      ✊ ✊ ✊ ✊ ✊

    • IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

      Totally agree.

      Sick to the back teeth of hearing about nintendo hardware in general because of these dumb exclusivity arrangements, there’s perfectly good digital platforms on Xbox One and PSN and Steam they could use for the Sega Ages platform, there’s absolutely no need to make this a switch exclusive at all.

    • IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

      If ever there was a good reason why SEGA should still have a commercial hardware console out (separate from arcade Sega consoles) it’s this, having just one system with every Sega title on it, that’s the only time Sega should be exclusive with their content, otherwise there’s no point being in a third party platform agnostic mode in the home hardware sector.

  2. OriginalName says:

    I feel really bad for Sega/M2 on this project. They’re doing a good thing by giving these ports the attention that they deserve, making the definitive home versions of these classics in a boutique package… but man, in 2019 $8 for games dating back to 1992 at the newest is a tough pill to swallow even for big Sega fans. I do realize that the team at M2 is putting real man hours into these ports and they can’t exactly sell them at a loss, but for the end user it’s just hard to justify. Still, I commend M2 for giving these games the love and attention they deserve even if I seriously doubt this series can turn it around and run a profit… even if they do expand to multiplatform releases.

    • sad says:

      Couldn’t agree more, 8 bucks is a very high a price for what’s essentially a romhack with some tweakable settings (which in most cases are just toggleable game genie cheats…). Sonic 1 is the worst offender. There’s a million Sonic 1 hacks with level select and spindash and many with drop dash, but M2 still charges 8 bucks for theirs like it’s special. It’s not. I expected at least some form of widescreen mode or something, but it’s literally just a rom of Sonic 1 resold for the millionth time.
      Many don’t remember or know about this but there used to be a series of cheap remakes Sega used to put out for the price of 2500 yen (that’s about 25 bucks) released under the series named Sega Ages 2500, but the difference was that you actually got fully remade/remastered games, not just emulated roms. I kinda expected them to go this route with the Sega Ages “brand” but sadly it wasn’t the case.

  3. Tayze Bell says:

    Wow, this actually sounds pretty swish. I will probably pick this one up. I know Sega Ages doesn’t mean anything in particular, but I do hope we start seeing some more Shinobi stuff soon. If not a new game then, like, some Shinobi 2 and 3 remakes.

  4. Big Jon says:

    Wow people are seriously more concerned with the price than the fact it is yet another Switch exclusive? – it’s that price because SEGA has less say over the policy of the pricing as the eShop is not their platform.

    More of us should be far more bothered about the fact that they’ve relegated the entire Sega Ages platform to switch eShop exclusivity than the pricing, because it’s exactly that that is the reason for the price policies being as they are.

    If SEGA made Sega Ages more universal instead of leaving g it to the worst possible choice of home consoles, there’s be far better pricing arrangements and eventual deals.

    • aaaaaaaaa says:

      Did you forget Sega used to sell unmodified roms of anicent games with ZERO added features or bonuses for 5 bucks each on the PS3/360? What makes you think they wouldn’t simply price this at 8 bucks if they sold this on other platforms?
      Also, objectively these games are better suited for a convertible console like the Switch. Not exactly the type of games you sit down to play for hours, and turning on your PS4 or Xbox just to play for a bit makes no sense.

    • Big Jon says:

      If you’re talking about the Sega Vintage Collection, these were actually pretty good value considering many of them are Sega arcade console exclusives and were not available any where else. The problem with Nintendo hardware (aside from annoying Nintendo fans) is that it is more regulated by red tape Nintendo regulatory policy, this means that independent companies that have a licence to develop on it have a more restrictive framework to work within, including how games are priced, how they are bundled and how they can be released.

      Plus most people that buy Nintendo hardware are just nintendo fans because it is the only way that Nintendo software is accessible as Nintendo is not independent of that one single hardware platform with the exception of mobiles. I’ll be honest in just saying I’m not that fond of playing Sega stuff using a Nintendo hardware, I’d still rather just have it all on an easily accessible console and digital platform I’ve invested a lot of time and money into like Xbox Live, it’s better as a community compared to PSN and Nintendos eshop (if you can even call that a community).

      Plus SEGA does add a lot of stuff on the Sega Ages platform, so complaining about the price is pitiful, people keep asking Sega constantly to release old stuff and when they do, they still find a way to complain about it.


    Switch? Oh well…

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