SEGA AGES Shinobi releasing on October 31st in Japan

SEGA AGES Shinobi finally has a proper release date. For those that live in Japan or have a Japanese account, SEGA AGES Shinobi will release on October 31st on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop for ¥999. In addition to the original arcade game, players will have several quality-of-life options available, such as the option to change the difficulty and select any of the stages within the game. It will also come packed with a new SEGA AGES version, which overhauls the game to play more similarly to The Revenge of Shinobi, complete with Joe Musashi now wearing white attire.

[Source: Official Website]


2 responses to “SEGA AGES Shinobi releasing on October 31st in Japan

  1. Eccles says:

    Pretty pointless as the whole Sega Ages platform cant be accessed anywhere but Switch at the moment, what are the chances of that changing?

    • Miguel says:

      Like many Sega fans out there we would love for their games to be on all consoles but I don’t see that happening any time soon unfortunately, maybe in time.

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