Panzer Dragoon: Remake getting physical release, probably by Limited Run Games

So earlier today the Panzer Dragoon Remake twitter account announced that there will be a Panzer Dragoon: Remake physical release, all the tweet says is that they will be updating their social media soon on more details. This didn’t stop Limited Run Games from quote tweeting the tweet with those eyes emoji, possibly teasing that they have a deal with Forever Entertainment?

Some fans dislike the idea of Limited Run Games being the sole publisher for the physical version of Panzer Dragoon: Remake because they only print these games for a limited amount of time, if you miss it, you miss it. I personally hope we get a Limited Run Games version, but like other franchises like Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap and Shenmue III, we also get another ‘not limited’ version by another publisher. That way everyone wins!

What is your thoughts? You buying a physical version of Panzer Dragoon: Remake?


9 responses to “Panzer Dragoon: Remake getting physical release, probably by Limited Run Games

  1. Jin says:

    Limited Run Games, of all companies? I hate their business model. I definitely hope we can get another physical release from another company as well.

  2. Brub says:

    If I can manage to get my hands on a copy, yes I will

  3. segamon says:

    My love of the Panzer Dragoom series mandates that I have a physical copy.

  4. segamon says:

    My love of the Panzer Dragoon series mandates that I have a physical copy.

  5. TayzeBell says:

    Assuming I can get one, hell yeah. I really am quite excited to get my hands on the game, and a physical release will be a nice addition to my enfant switch collection.

  6. Eck says:

    I dont care as long as it is not made as another switch exclusive, so sick and tired of hearing about switch and stuff like this made exclusive to it as well as the entire Sega Ages platform.
    What the hell is the point being third party if you’re doing exclusives and on Nintendo hardware of all places.

    The only times Sega should be doing exclusives like that for the most part is when they have their own hardware platform out, not just Sega arcade console hardware but actual Sega home console hardware that it is based off of, otherwise what’s the point in being an independent third party?

  7. I think the reason SEGA focuses more on Nintendo consoles is because it sells better with many franchises. Didn’t Sonic Mania sell better on the Switch than the PS4? I think SEGA even said that their games on Nintendo consoles have sold better than the other ones. But I agree with everyone’s disappointment, it is a shame this wont be released on the PS4, or any other console for that matter.

    • IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

      Sells better?
      Ahem, Yakuza? Mad World? Bayonetta?
      All of those SEGA IPs failed there at worst and weren’t particularly big news at best, the only real consistently successful SEGA IP on it is Sonic, but a huge margin and they certainly aren’t focussed as platform exclusives like the other SEGA IP.

      Most people that buy Nintendo hardware are Nintendo fans which is why nintendo games sell very well on it compared to most other companies software that is put in that specific market, because it’s the only way to access Nintendo software because Nintendo restricts all their games to just one platform aside from mobiles.

  8. am2model3 says:

    a digital release is better than no release at all. (after burner climax, etc)

    a physical limited release is better than no physical release at all and only digital. (any game)

    I commend limited run games for stepping up for the physical game collectors who want the hard copy. (and sometimes double up with digital and physical copy ownership anyway)

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