New Sonic the Hedgehog Movie trailer releases, shows off the new Sonic redesign

A new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been released. After the previous trailer became controversial for the really uncanny depiction of the titular speedy urchin, this new trailer notably highlights the promised new redesign that is more faithful to the original source material. Aside from that, the trailer also highlights other small tidbits within the movie, including teasing the classic Green Hill Zone at the beginning, along with different gags revolving around Sonic’s lightning fast speed.

Currently the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is slated for a release date of February 14th in most regions, and on March 27th in Japan.


4 responses to “New Sonic the Hedgehog Movie trailer releases, shows off the new Sonic redesign

  1. TayzeBell says:

    Well the design certainly looks much better. If nothing else he does in fact mostly look like Sonic, or at least a version thereof. Movie still looks bad mind you. The filmmakers also don’t seem to understand Sonic as a character… like at all. This… oh boy this is going to be a slog to watch when I inevitably do isn’t it?

    • Trezell Whack says:

      I will have to agree that they don’t, 1 reason Sega should have been more involved. Plus the makers didn’t add any other Sonic characters to the film which I believe is because they’re not knowledgeable about the franchise other than knowing of Sonic himself

    • OriginalName says:

      I’d argue that Sega themselves don’t seem to have the best idea of who Sonic really is as a character.

      There were a couple eye-rollers here, but I’m not actually that against Sonic as a less cynical mach-speed Bart Simpson. The whole premise still feels like an awkward workaround to keep the budget low, but I’m sensible enough to know that there was never a chance of me getting a full CG Sonic OAV-like movie, though.

      The movie isn’t really for me, but it doesn’t look like a trainwreck that could help tank the franchise and that’s a relief. I’ll always sort of wonder what peoples’ response would be if this had been the first trailer because I’m sure people are a little over-enthusiastic just because it looks SO MUCH BETTER than what came before it.

  2. Awesome! Though I do wonder why they pushed the release date 2 days later.

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