Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Movie trailer reveals “Baby Sonic”

For a while it’s been rumored that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie would have a baby version of Sonic, but until now it was unofficially revealed from leaked merchandising. Now we have official confirmation that this younger version of Sonic is indeed real, including a new trailer and artwork briefly highlighting the tiny hedgehog. According to the official website page, it describes Baby Sonic as innocent and full of energy, and we will get to see Sonic’s unexplored past. Likely he will appear in the movie either from a flashback or as part of an overall origin story, maybe explaining how Sonic gained his sound breaking speed in the first place.

In addition, movie goers in Japan will receive a bonus Baby Sonic keychain for those that pre-order tickets early.


4 responses to “Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Movie trailer reveals “Baby Sonic”

  1. ugh says:

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.
    What’s even funnier is the people who believe them “fixing” the design was done entirely out of their good will and not a pre-planned PR stunt. Piss off fans on purpose to get good PR for “listening to fans” later.
    Either that or they’re making the movie as they go without an actual script and are now cashing in on the “baby Yoda” meme.

    • OriginalName says:

      To be honest, while this movie obviously wasn’t made for me, as someone worked in an animation studio for several years, the theory that a team made an entire film, then released an intentionally bad trailer, then went bankrupt pretending to go back and fix the film over several months is completely out of touch with how film production works on this scale. They are also way too deep in the game for it to be possible to add a whole segment to the movie based on a meme that’s been trending this month.

      These things take so much more effort, planning, time, and wrangling with unimaginative, penny-pinching managers and stockholders for anything so on-a-whim as an intentionally terrible trailer as a PR stunt or throwing together a film segment in less than a month to be even a distant possibility in this field.

      I’m not saying this is a movie I’m going to go see, it’s just that that theory holds no water. Attack the film on the real problems it has, y’know?

    • ugh says:

      Well, good thing you volunteered to white knight for them, you won’t get any compensation though now that they’re bankrupt after they stakeholders and penny-pinching managers chose to sink their company to remake a horrible model that somehow got approved by the entire design board, stakeholders and managers. Also Sega’s stakeholders and managers whose best interest is to maintain the good image of their #1 mascot. After all, expensive PR stunts are unheard of in this industry, nobody, especially a multi-million dollar movie studio, would ever do it to exploit one of the most vocal and negative fanbases out there and potentially sell their movie to more people by earning good boy points. Nope. Never happened.

    • OriginalName says:

      I said the movie wasn’t for me and that I wouldn’t go see it. I never once said I thought it looked like a good movie, or that you or anyone should go see it, which is why I said “attack the film on the real problems it has”, which I think are too numerous to mention. But I’m someone who thinks that Sonic went flying off the rails 20 years ago, and someone who would never watch a movie based on the Smurfs, Chipmunks, Yogi Bear, et cetera… or go back and watch “The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog”, for that matter. This is going to be a C- entry in an F-grade film genre.

      From every report I’ve read, Sega themselves had very little sway in this film, and possibly didn’t want or expect it to happen. Not that I would trust them to make a good Sonic movie either, honestly. That’s getting off topic, though.

      Also, to correct an error I made: the studio that made the original version and the studio that redesigned the Sonic model are separate entities. The one that redesigned the model, “Moving Picture Company” is closing and relocating its Vancouver studio, not going bankrupt. So, sorry for any and all ways that muddied up my point.

      Anyway, I’m sorry if I came across as donning my white armor to fight for the film. I’m sure our opinions are closer than they seemed all things considered. I just don’t buy the theory that this was a publicity stunt because there’s no evidence that Paramount is aware, invested, or creative enough to pull such a thing. Look at some of the awful shots they’ve greenlit, like TMNT (Michelangelo without his mask became a meme because of it) or all the other dreck out there these days like Cats or Will Smith as Aladdin’s Genie. This is another unloved nostalgia cashgrab with every possible corner cut, with every unworkable idea thrown in so long as it’s cheaper than easier than a decent one, and with every intention to churn it out and get on to Voltron or Street Sharks or Maya the Bee or whatever else you can get the rights to on the cheap, by a studio that doesn’t care backed by scriptwriters and animators that wish they could get a word in edgewise. They just smacked their faces on the very bottom of the barrel with that trailer design, and unlike Cats, Sonic has an active enough fanbase that they felt the backlash. Honestly, these people WISH they were smart enough to successfully pull a stunt like that.

      Don’t sell yourself short. You and the fanbase that believe this is a publicity stunt are thinking way, WAY more creatively than anyone at Paramount, I assure you. Those board meetings are where good ideas go to die, I’m telling you.

      Hell, maybe I was wrong all along and it was a publicity stunt. Still, I think painting Paramount as shrewd is being too kind. This is just a lame movie that got a good PR bump. It won’t be the worst movie ever, but y’know… I think most classic Sega fans wish the thing didn’t exist.

      Anyway, agree or disagree I hope you have a good day with me on the day this movie releases, replaying Phantasy Star or Rez or whatever us old-timers get up to nowadays.

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