Streets of Rage 4 will hit Xbox Game Pass next year

We already posted that the Yakuza games are coming to Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass, which we posted. But now we got another SEGA classic coming to Xbox Game Pass… Streets of Rage 4! You can check out the full Game Pass line-up so far in the screenshot above.

It seems that Microsoft is going all in with their Game Pass, are you interested?


2 responses to “Streets of Rage 4 will hit Xbox Game Pass next year

  1. asdf says:

    SOR4 “another SEGA classic”? It’s not made by Sega, it’s yet another outsourced crap and it’s not even out yet. Classic my ass

  2. Eck says:

    I find it hard to consider it a true SEGA work also, yes the IP is Sega’s but their involvement is even less than in Shenmue III, and just in name only. It’s a real shame because if Sega would just use their own assets and workforce, they really would take care of their own IP, we’ve seen the difference with the recent re-release of the MegaDrive (Genesis Mini) compared to the outsourced crap cloned hardware from AtGames for years.

    Anyway, the Gamepass on Xbox Live has overnight seemingly become the best thing in gaming right now, hopefully SEGA will see sense and bring the Sega Ages platform over and release the range over to Xbox One and eventually the next generation Skarlet.

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