SEGA News Bits: Streets of Rage 4 Announced Reaction

It is hard to believe that the last Streets of Rage game came out way back in 1994, but we are finally getting a Streets of Rage 4. That’s right, not Streets of Rage Mania or a remake of the older games. A brand new title built from the ground up and on this episode of the SEGA News Bits we discuss the released trailer, the information we know and give you our thoughts on the announcement.

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11 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Streets of Rage 4 Announced Reaction

  1. Tdixpix says:

    The braised chicken on a plate reference totally has to do with the power-up. The arcade bit, tho… Maybe that’s mostly to do with the style of game. It’s a pick up and play ‘arcade-style’ game.

  2. Dennis Livingston says:

    Def wont be the same with a different composer.

    As for characters, probably not a popular take, but I think it should just be Alex and Blaze, with maybe one new character, and leave the other old characters out. Keeping it simple, and start from there. Personally I think the other characters aren’t interesting, and design wise pretty weak which made me prefer Final Fight growing up.

  3. This is NOT a Sega game.

  4. Elly says:

    I AM curious to see witch game Will be more fun street of rage 4 OR project Y

  5. Ashton Whaley says:

    In5ane 5niper i’m about to snipe you in your negative a55.

    • @Ashton Whaley

      I’m untouchable. Plus why is pointing out facts negative? It’s a fact that this is not a true Sega game, but just Sega selling it off to get butchered by another company (which they have a long tradition of doing), they ignore their own family Ip so hard and even when they do acknowledge it it ends up being by proxy (they do it behind so!done else rather than themselves).

      It’s not a legit Sega game, it’s another Sega sell off of a once great IP ready to go down hill and wreck its legendary status, like what happened to the hardware business line, like what happened to Bayonetta and like what is about to happen to Shenmue. Why isn’t Segas own teams doing it?
      At this point, the only proper in-house Sega studio is the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio.

    • Majin says:

      Yu Suzuki is doing Shenmue 3, he created the series. The legend itself is working on the game.

    • Does that mean it is a legit Sega game? No, because is Yu Suzuki still at Sega?

    • Also the originals were Sega creations because Sega is the presenter, Sega funded the IP from inception, wanted the IP a certain way and directed it accordingly. Yu Suzuki also produced the first two Sega games, so not quite getting your point.

  6. Treacher says:

    This was honestly unexpected. Hope it will at least be as good as the Shinobi 3DS game by Griptonite Games.

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