SEGA Talk Podcast #30: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986)

On this SEGA Talk, we tackle the precursor to Sonic: Alex Kidd in Miracle World! Described as “SEGA’s answer to Mario”, Alex Kidd is a character who brings back fond memories for some, and frustrating memories for others. We discuss the development history, the game’s connection to Dragon Ball and debate whether Alex Kidd was ever really a mascot.

An additional Patreon comment was posted after recording, so we will share it here:

While I think Sonic was a much better mascot Alex Kid has his place in Sega History. I would love for Sega to license him  out  for a modern game like wonder boy and streets of rage. But I think its impotant to look at his modern career on the Sonic  Social team, all the samless Pugs, killing a Game Group on livestream giving the people our sonic toaster. Such good memories – Nicholas S.

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