Fake 4chan Rumor: Microsoft buying SEGA

See the image above? One of the first times I saw the image was this weekend when longtime SEGAbits contributor SEGA Uranus posted it on our discord with a this link: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/04/12/xbox-XO_world-live

As you can see, if you go to the link it takes you to a 404 page, me thinking this might have been a leak, I went to Twitter by posting the image looking for more information. My thinking was that SEGA had exclusives promised for the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X platform that is coming out this fall, but I quickly noticed people pushing the narrative that ‘SEGA is being bought by Microsoft!’.

After this I decided it was time to do a reverse image search for this image and it only got one hit at the time. 4chan’s /v/ section and even in the thread, no one actually saw the Xbox ‘link’ working. This is obviously a well devised 4chan prank, so please ignore it when you browse online and don’t be shy by linking people spreading this false rumor to this article. I mean, do you really want to see a American company to buy SEGA-Sammy?


10 responses to “Fake 4chan Rumor: Microsoft buying SEGA

  1. Ken says:

    If anyone were to buy Sega/Sammy, Microsoft would honestly be my preferred choice. Mostly because they are pretty hands-off on their subsidiaries, and their history of shipping games on other platforms.

    • randroid says:

      Same. It would essentially make the Xbox a defacto Sega console. I’m tired of Sony and Nintendo. It’s Xbox’s only way to gain ground in the Japanese market (drop the MS and go heavy on the Sega branding). So, win-win for all.

    • SK3 says:

      No win at all!
      Creative freedom restricted in games development.
      Zero hope for future SEGA hardware.

    • randroid says:

      Haha, I hear you. Keep the dream alive!

  2. Tayze Bell says:

    Oh thank you for putting a bullet in this rumors head. People were so quick to jump on this. This is why SegaBits is the only source for Sega news I fully trust.

  3. SK3 says:

    MS can GTFO of the games industry.

  4. Ravsieg says:

    This is a blatant fake. The registered trademark icon above SEGA’s logo is barely perceptible and this wouldn’t be legally accepted at all. That’s all there is to know about it. We don’t even need to go into how “Mixer” isn’t using a logo or trademark indicators, and how horribly misaligned it is with “Live” just above.

  5. Kfir says:

    It doesn’t seem so far fetched after all? Yakuza 7 will be available for Xbox One, Series X and PS4 but not the PS5. 🤔

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