Rumor: Nick Robinson says SEGA is working on Super Monkey Ball 3 via voice actor interview

YouTuber Nick Robinson went out of his way to interview Brian Matt, the voice actor for Super Monkey Ball games (announcer) back in the old days and sorta, maybe hinted at SEGA working on Super Monkey Ball 3? We actually discussed Brian Matt in the past hinting at a future Super Monkey Ball announcement. According to Nick Robinson, the voice actor is under an NDA, so you can view the interview at the top where he tries to dance around questions during the interview (Starts at 7:14) with Nick trying to fill in the blanks with his thoughts.

So this confirms that the original Super Monkey Ball announcer is working with SEGA, where he has recorded one session. According to the voice actor one of the lines he remembers doing was ‘Sad Emoji’ and ‘Happy Emoji’, which makes you wonder if this is joke lines to record or will be used in the next game. A lot of the interview is speculation since the voice actor isn’t allowed to confirm what the actual game is. I will let you watch the video and make your own opinion for yourself.


20 responses to “Rumor: Nick Robinson says SEGA is working on Super Monkey Ball 3 via voice actor interview

  1. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    If Nagoshi’s involved, it’s in good hands.

  2. Lud says:

    Of course it was Nick Robinson, who else

  3. marc says:

    I trust Nick Robinson. this could be awesome! now I need Sony to revive Ape Escape.

  4. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    The Switch would be perfect for it. You could control it by tilting the screen with the nunchucks on both ends. It’s pretty much the same as tablet games. The emoji thing could mean it’s an app game too. But I think they would make money by releasing it on Nintendo. Sony could mean PS4 too. So maybe the emojis would be shared via online play?

  5. Brian Matt says:

    Nick did a wonderful job on his video. His talent is intoxicating.
    What an honor to be surrounded by so many passionate SMB fans.
    I’m deeply touched and will do my very best and from what has “been accomplished” so far despite these surreal months. Progress is being made.
    I welcome all fans to let SEGA know what YOU would like to see from SMBXXXXX.
    Maybe the blessing from these crazy months comes down to we CAN make additions and changes to give YOU the changes that you desire.

  6. Jonathan DeSira says:

    Sega, have the developers of this new monkey ball game give the gamers the tools to make their own levels, that would be amazing. Having the ability to customize the shape of hills, the sharpness of platform curves, loops, the thickness of paths, pitfalls, etc. Basically any thing you see in the levels made by the developers let the gamers have the option to use those assets to make levels of their own. When gamers complete making their own levels, they have the option to upload them online for other gamers to play. If people like your level enough, they can download it to play it offline.

    • Frederick says:

      Many thanks to the wonderful people working on this game!! I would love to see a “level editor” where you can make the layout of a monkey ball level yourself! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to make a level in monkey ball.

  7. Ben says:

    I hope the team are studying what made the first 2 games so great and building off that in new ways! That’s really all I could ask for. For example how those games only use guard rails for the first few levels and where absolutely necessary (Only 4 of the beginner stages in the first game have guard rails, and that’s including the bonus stage!). The modern games have too much guard rails defeating alot of the point.

    • Ben says:

      Regarding jumping, a feature added in the recent Monkey Ball games that I feel limits level design potential, I feel like it could work if it’s kept in, but not enabled for all stages. Like having jump enabled only for stages that absolutely need it or jump powerups being placed in stages that grant you a single jump for each one you pick up in a stage. Just an idea.

    • Ben says:

      Though I don’t think I have the trust in them to make levels with jumping that stay true to the level design philosophy of the first 2 games. And I know there are some other fans who wouldn’t be happy with jumping at all. It’s a risk but could go well, as long as jumping is in levels that need jumping.

    • Ben says:

      *as long as jumping is ONLY in levels that need jumping.

    • Blushy The Mouthed Astro Bot says:

      Or make a feature where jumping can be *toggled ON or OFF* before playing the main game?

  8. TK says:

    Super excited about this! I hope they do a release on Nintendo Switch, the portability would be amazing. I also hope for a level creator of some kind, so it has a lot of replayability. I’d prefer them to stick to the original feel and mechanics of Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 (no jumping like in the newer games), but I’d be happy with anything that acknowledges the original vibe of the game.

    According to Brian Matt, SEGA is apparently listening to what the players want, so get your thoughts out there, people!

  9. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    I want at least 100 new levels for hardcore players! No railings! Good physics!

  10. rice says:

    I’ve heard things about the physics in Banana Blitz HD not being good. I really hope that isn’t the case here..

  11. Bobby says:

    Honestly, I would love to see the trademark “DOLE” banana return in the new monkey ball! They have become too iconic since their inclusion. Would absolutely love to see Dole and SEGA partner up again.

  12. Bace says:

    In full honestly similar physics to monkey ball 1 and 2, with similar yet new level design would be perfect. Physics more on line with the first two games, and not as much the latter games.

  13. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    Generic names keep spamming! Please get rid of these!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  14. Blushy The Mouthed Astro Bot says:

    Wait… What if Banana Blitz HD is made just to test graphics?

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