Ben Schwartz says he hasn’t been asked by SEGA to voice Sonic in other media

Every since Roger Craig Smith announced he wasn’t going to be voicing Sonic the Hedgehog anymore, fans have been speculating who will take over voicing the blue hedgehog. We all know that Roger Craig Smith has been voicing the blue blur for a little over a decade and had a impressive run.

Recently SEGA hit it big last year with Sonic the Hedgehog movie being a big hit and the voice actor Ben Schwartz being accepted positively by fans, so obviously he would get the question if he is the one being asked to take over voicing Sonic the Hedgehog moving forward. Ben being a good guy started by praising Roger’s performance:

“Let’s all, for a second, before we even say that, Roger Craig Smith is an absolute legend. Like, his VO work, Sonic being one of them, but his career is unbelievable for a VO artist. He is so talented.”

But what about him taking over Roger Craig Smith?

 “The first time that it’s ever come up was because Roger seems to be stepping away, so, the first time ever, people are asking me I wonder, nobody’s asked me, between you and I, I haven’t really answered this question yet but nobody’s come up to me and said anything so my assumption is that, who knows? But I wonder. I love the world of Sonic, and I love the fan base. The fan base has been so supportive and lovely. So, I don’t know. I wonder, I wonder what would happen. But as of now, nobody’s had a conversation with me about any of that. But I do just want to say, that you know like, of course that whole you know, Jaleel, Ryan, all those guys are incredible, but it was incredible to be a part of that legacy and then to hear that Roger is stepping down just to say again how amazing he was.”

Do you guys think that Ben Schwartz is playing it cute and knows he is voicing Sonic but since SEGA hasn’t officially announced it he is pretending not knowing? Also consider this interview isn’t to promote a upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie but to promote the Disney+ movie ‘Flora & Ulysses’ that he is in.

[via: Comicbook]


2 responses to “Ben Schwartz says he hasn’t been asked by SEGA to voice Sonic in other media

  1. Ben CG says:

    I’m just looking at that photo top left and going… “is that… Paul Rudd dressed as Simon Cowell?”

  2. cube_b3 says:

    He mentioned my favorite Ryan Drummond.
    I like this man, if only he was given a better Sonic movie to star in.

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