Shenmue Anime could release as early as November 2021 [Update]

According to Shenmue Dojo, we could be getting a release of the Shenmue Anime, which was announced last year, as early as November 2021. So how do we know this? Well, some keen eye Shenmue fans noticed a tweet by @TMSent_jp which is the studio animating the project

It sadly looks like the original tweet has been taken down by the studio. Maybe they had a upcoming announcement? Since we haven’t even seen a frame of animation, I assume this is a leaked announcement. We do know its suppose to be a 13 episode series that covers all of the first game and a part of the second.

What are your thoughts on the whole Shenmue Anime project?

Update: According to Adult Swim/Cartoon Network’s Creative Director @Clarknova1, Shenmue: The Animation “will definitely NOT release in 2021.” Meaning that TMS tweet was probably deleted for the obvious mistake. /Update


2 responses to “Shenmue Anime could release as early as November 2021 [Update]

  1. tdixpix says:

    I think it’s a good route to go. This is a way to make some updates to Ryo’s character, motivations and major drive – things that were all garbled by the silly localization of the games. I also think that a revenge tale set in 1980’s small town Japan, and the Kowloon walled city would have some appeal in the present moment so long as the creative team has the latitude and budget for it.

  2. TKOhh says:

    I’m so looking forward to this anime series. I’ll be there day one. I suspect they’ll release a physical edition of this series sometime down the line? If so, I’ll have that as well. I’m revisiting Shenmue on PC at this time, and I’m loving it. I find the tank controls and quirky dialogue endearing. I think it’d be humorous if the anime series’ creators decided to include an Easter egg featuring a moment of that classic dialogue.

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