Play Shenmue on Dreamcast in widescreen

ShenmueWidescreenHackWe know that Codebreaker codes change aspects of games, from infinite lives to instant unlockables. But did you know that you can use a code on games to get them to display in ‘anamorphic widescreen’? Assembler Games forum user S4pph4rad decided to release his anamorphic widescreen codes for Shenmue I & II and this lead to quite a few users contributing back.The idea is to have codes for most of the games, if possible.

“Similar to the codes for other platforms, this is anamorphic widescreen so you’re not getting higher resolution. Some additional changes could probably be made like shrinking the HUD too, but this is the simplest solution. Consider these version 1. There’s still some pop-in occasionally near the edges of the screen, but it’s not as bad as when you use an emulator to extend the visible area. That could probably be fixed with deeper analysis into how it decides when something goes out of range.” – S4pph4rad from Assembler Games

You can read all about the process of Anamorphic widescreen over here and if you want to check out more progress on codes for other games check out Assembler Games’ forum thread. This is all a work in progress, of course and the community is submitting codes to other Dreamcast classics.

Hit the jump for the Shenmue I & II widescreen codes!

Shenmue 1 US: (Updated 2015-10-25)
02230250 438E38E4 for equivalent to 720×480 (DVD resolution)
02230250 43700000 for equivalent to 854×480 (Actual 16×9)

Shenmue II EU: (Updated 2015-10-25)
0231186C 438E38E4 for equivalent to 720×480 (DVD resolution)
0231186C 43700000 for equivalent to 854×480 (Actual 16×9)


2 responses to “Play Shenmue on Dreamcast in widescreen

  1. CrispX says:

    Those codes will straight away for a new HD Port. 😀

  2. Joon says:

    So it took this long for them to figure it out, Codebreaker came out years ago.

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