Bayonetta 3 finally shows off gameplay footage on Nintendo Direct, officially coming 2022

Bayonetta 3 is one of those games we have all been waiting for here at SEGAbits, we did a post about how Nintendo Japan had the game slated for release in 2022 and now Nintendo Direct’s latest presentation has confirmed it! Plus we got a look at the game for the first time, which includes an all new designed Bayonetta.

The game actually looks quite good for being a Nintendo Switch game and it seems to have good framerate. This is easily the nicest looking title shown at the show. But what do you guys think? What you think of her new look?


7 responses to “Bayonetta 3 finally shows off gameplay footage on Nintendo Direct, officially coming 2022

  1. Senjav says:

    Looks nice, as for her style, seems to be a cross between the first time games.
    I don’t want to make it about whether it’s really a Sega game or a Nintendo game, as I’m sure it’s been done to death already, though it would be interesting at least but I can’t help but feel dissapointed still that it is a pity it’s no longer a full true Sega series anymore though, as this one is also published by Nintendo as the copyright clearly shows (that now officially means Nintendo technically owns most of the series at this point now), because of that Sega can’t touch it if it wanted to re-release it in future because it’s technically a Nintendo game (as weird as it is to think of it as one), that’s why Sega still has never released Bayonetta 2 elsewhere because it can’t even though they’ve launched the first Bayonetta several times over since it’s original 2010 debut and even after Bayonetta 2 came out they still remastered the original but never came close to Bayonetta 2, now it seems it will be exactly the same with Bayonetta 3, probably more so in fact as at least Sega did still develop and fund some of Bayonetta via PlatinumGames from the very start (Nintendo only finished the funding of 2 which is what guaranteed it would get released and not cancelled or suspended due to Sega’s 2010 restructure), but with 3, it seems Nintendo will have been there from the very start of its production and therefore will be more fully involved, while Sega will be even less involved than it was with 2.

    I do wonder though about the moon theme song, it seemed every game so far had its main core track used in the battle sections based on a moon song, i.e.,

    Bayonetta 1 = ‘Fly me to the Moon’.
    Bayonetta 2 = ‘Moon River’.

    Maybe with 3 Nintendo’s influence has changed things at Platinum and so done away with that tradition and changed other things in the process that Sega would have had done if it had full involvement.

    • roadkillchrist says:

      Dancing in the moonlight by Toploader

    • Miguel says:

      Well like you said its “published by Nintendo” the series was created by Platinum commissioned by Sega, part 2 was half funded by Sega and Nintendo part 3 was funded by Platinum and Nintendo but still owned by Sega.
      If Sega wanted to buy the publishing rights back for half of 2 and all of 3 I’m pretty sure they can after all its their IP,
      It may take a while but it will happen.

    • Senjav says:

      They theoretically could, but it needs to be understood that it’s a two way agreement, i.e., Nintendo has to be willing to sell it as well as Sega willing to buy it and how likely is that?
      When’s the last time you ever saw Nintendo sell something it owns? It’s different for Rareware in 2003 because Rare was a 2nd party company that Nintendo had a stake in, they commission their own native Nintendo IP for Rare to work with (though Rare as a UK (British) company had it’s own IP as well like Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Jetpac and Jet Force Gemini etc

      That’s why they all went to the Xbox platforms as exclusives after Microsoft bought them, although they’ve never been the same since then and I think they were better with Nintendo ultimately but that’s another story. A similar scenario working out done the line for Sega to acquire the rest of Bayonetta 2 that Sega didn’t end up managing to finish with PG and all of Bayonetta 3 now would be another thing entirely.

  2. Miguel says:

    I would like you to Google does Sega own Bayonetta and scroll down and look at the website that’s says ” ” it should say ” Who actually owns the trademark to Bayonetta- The Outerhaven ” please click it so you can read it the guys name is “Keith Mitchell” he brings up the facts about ownership if Nintendo has anything there’s nothing about in the trademark which is solely owned by Sega not to mention that Sega made sure to do that so nobody else would swoop down and take, its a great read👍

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