Ex-Sonic Mania developer Evening Star working on a 3D Action Platformer

Its been over half a decade since SEGA teamed up Christian Whitehead and the crew to develop Sonic Mania. About two years ago, most of the ex-developers went on to form Evening Star Studios.

Earlier today, Evening Star posted on Twitter that they were hiring for their new upcoming title and checking their website under games, you see them teasing their new upcoming original game.

Let’s break down what we know:

  • New Publisher (not SEGA)
  • Debuting Star Engine game
  • 3D Action platformer
  • Character seems to use Yo-Yo as a weapon
  • Puffy pants, puffy gloves and puffy shoes?
  • Shadow features peach and purple gradient (possible colors for the main character?)

What do you guys think of the developers creating a brand new, 3D action platformer?


3 responses to “Ex-Sonic Mania developer Evening Star working on a 3D Action Platformer

  1. KaneOhh says:

    It’s nice to see that Christian Whitehead is expanding with the opening of this new studio, Evening Star. I’m somewhat sad to see that their next project is being published by another company, outside of SEGA. Perhaps with a couple of quality titles under their belt, SEGA considers purchasing the studio? If that’s outside the realm of possibility, perhaps they collaborate again in the future. In the meantime, I’m interested in seeing what this new project is.

  2. Stephen says:

    Looks like a anthromorph with a yo-yo for a tail?

  3. m00nCH1LD says:

    Honestly, I’m just happy with the fact that they are working in something.

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