Alien: Isolation coming to iOS and Android on December 16th

2014’s Alien: Isolation was without a doubt the best game from SEGA for that year. Since then, the game won several awards and saw release to many platforms. Now, SEGA is bringing the game to mobile phones “without compromise” (their words), promising the complete experience. The game will support game pads and sport a “bespoke, fully customizable interface”.

It’s pretty amazing that when the App Store launched, we saw a basic Monkey Ball game and now we are seeing what was once an AAA title ported to smartphones. We will share our thoughts on the port when it hits December 16th!


One response to “Alien: Isolation coming to iOS and Android on December 16th

  1. hardtruths says:

    To be fair, multiple prior AAA titles from older generations have been ported to mobiles too in the past, just that the generation gap is no longer stuck at Ps2 with games like Bully and GTA, but now PS3 and such. :3

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