Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio reveals new franchise in the works

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio director Masayoshi Yokoyama revealed in a recent Famitsu interview that the studio is planning a new franchise outside of their Yakuza and Judgement series. Little else was revealed, but it appears the future of Judgement was touched upon, because the likeness of the lead character is up in the air thanks to the talent agency managing the actor having strict rules about PC games, which has apparently halted plans for a Steam release. “We will continue to cherish the Judgement series,” Yokoyama said.

What direction would you like to see RGG Studio take a new franchise? Something more outside the box like Binary Domain? A Yakuza/Judgment spin-off?

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]


4 responses to “Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio reveals new franchise in the works

  1. Deefy says:

    Something totally different.

    In setting, styles, and so on.

    But in reguard to the genre, mostly about game mechanics, I’m fine also to a title near Yakuza, Judgment, or Binary domain.

    My old dream was a new Streets of Rage with actual tech, as Dragon Engines ecc…

  2. hardtruths says:

    Can’t they just swap his face like they did for the crack addict actor?

    The game is famous enough now to not need the crybaby actor who hate the PC game

  3. Kyuta says:

    I would like something like HEADHUNTER with Yakuza mechanism, something like a USA Yakuza with a scent of B movies and a plot that will fit like hell with the covid 19 and big pharmas

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