SEGA Sapporo Studio Launching, Hiring Local Talent To Handle Game Development & Debugging Work

SEGA has now established SEGA Sapporo Studio, which is located in Sapporo city and is looking to hire local talent. According to SEGA’s new press release, the team was created due to the rapid progress of digital content in the recent years and is centered around increasing ‘game content’ for software manufactures.

The idea will be that SEGA Sapporo Studio will hire high-quality (according to their press release) and stable development production line. It seems that the studio will be debugging games for other studios and even program their own game software. Oddly enough, SEGA’s press release also includes a message from the Mayor of Sapporo (using Google Translate):

“We are delighted to open the SEGA Sapporo Studio. We are very reassured to welcome everyone who is active at the forefront of the game industry to Sapporo City, which is working to promote the creative industries. We hope that it will be the goal of students studying CG / programming and children who yearn for game creators, while working together to develop the industry and create a town. We pray for further development in the future.”

It also looks like the company is still hiring, as it has only existed since December 1st, 2021.

The CEO and President of SEGA Sapporo Studio is none other than long time SEGA designer and pompadour sporting legend Takaya Segawa who started working at the company back in 1992!

Takaya Segawa had this to say (using Google Translate):

“SEGA has accumulated diverse know-how for over 60 years under the policy of creating innovative content and creating new and moving experiences. At SEGA Sapporo Studio, which will be opened this time, we will utilize these know-how to work on creating works with people who wish to work in the same area, and will play a part in the development of entertainment that can be transmitted from Japan to the world and enjoyed.” 

You can checkout SEGA Sapporo Studios page here which features some slick PSO2NG footage.


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