[lock-on] Volume 003 magazine shines the spotlight on the SEGA Dreamcast

Magazines focusing on classic video games have seen a bit of a renaissance recently, and towards the top in terms of print quality and quality of writers seems to be [lock-on]. Unlike other contemporary retro gaming mags, [lock-on] has a much slower release schedule, with a Kickstarter campaign to fund each issue. While we in no way are telling you how to spend your money, as past SEGA focused campaigns from other individuals have gone unfulfilled, it is a good sign that the team behind [lock-on] have successfully delivered the first two issues.

The third issue, or Volume 003 as they call it, will focus a good portion on the Dreamcast with several guest writers. Check the campaign out for yourself, and after the break learn about what guest writers they have planned for the issue.

We’re back again to bring you Volume 003 of our acclaimed gaming journal, which is our BIGGEST to date with over 220 pages in both our softcover and hardcover editions, containing more than 50 retrospectives, articles and interviews.

Roughly 50% of 003 is dedicated to (unofficially) exploring Sega’s short-lived final home console, the Dreamcast, with articles spanning the games, peripherals, launches and even chipset of the iconic device. We’ve roped in the likes of John Linneman and Audi Sorlie from Digital Foundry, Tom Charnock from The Dreamcast Junkyard, Alex Aniel, Chris Scullion and Adam Koralik (among many others) to explore this topic. We even convinced former Official Dreamcast Magazine USA editor-in-chief Simon Cox and staff writer turned writer/director Jörg Tittel (The Last Worker) to chat to their favourite Dreamcast developers (and friends) Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Frédérick Raynal.


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