Sonic Frontiers dashes to number 4 spot in UK Game Charts and number 3 on Steam Charts


Sonic Frontiers made a strong start to life in the charts, boosting a number 4 spot in the UK Game Charts and sold 5% more than 2017’s release Sonic Forces. While this might not seem a large increase this does not include digital sales so Frontiers’ actual increase over Forces could be quite significant yet. We know more than half of UK game sales are now digital. What was more interesting was the platform break down, while Sonic Forces enjoyed strong sales on the Nintendo Switch, this time the best selling platform for the franchise was as follows; Playstation 5 (40%) Switch (34%) Xbox (14%) and Playstation 4 (12%) But it wasn’t just the UK where Sonic Frontiers is enjoying a successful start to it’s sale life, hit the break to read more how it’s fairing on Steam!

Sonic Frontiers also performed strongly on Steam, earning two positions from it’s standard and deluxe editions. It continues to perform extremely strong for what is known as a platforming series, beating the franchise record set by Sonic Mania with a new record of 19,181 concurrent players. From the time of my head, I can only think of It Takes Two that has preformed better than Sonic Frontiers on Steam. As far as Crash or Spyro goes, Sonic Frontiers has clear daylight between any other platforming franchise on Steam. Further more, as the first full price Sonic title since 2006, the strength of it’s performance cannot be understated and bolds well for the interest in the new format of Sonic games that studio head Takashii Iizuka stated was the goal to build on. The next chart coming out will be the media create chart for Japan where the brand has been seeing a resurgence.


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  1. Donald Dumpf says:

    Mania was delayed 2 weeks on Steam right before release, bucko.

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