SEGA reveals Sonic Frontiers 2023 DLC roadmap, FREE for all platforms

SEGA has dropped a bombshell on fans in the form of a MASSIVE Sonic Frontiers DLC roadmap for next year! The content, which is free for all platforms, will drop in three updates. While SEGA is not giving specifics just yet, they did reveal this image and the below description:

The title’s 2023 content roadmap details plans for a series of future content updates to the new open-zone, action-packed adventure. These three content updates will include new features, modes, character skins and more. All three updates will be free to all Sonic Frontiers owners.

Sonic Frontiers Holiday Cheer Suit DLC releasing December 21, 2022

Today, SEGA announced a huge rollout of Sonic Frontiers content for 2023. But before we get into that, there is a special holiday treat for fans hitting December 21, 2022. The DLC, dubbed “Holiday Cheer Suit” will be free for all platforms and “offers new apparel for Sonic to wear and bring some holiday spirit to the Starfall Islands”. So you want Santa Sonic in a snowy setting? You got it!

Sonic Frontiers dashes to number 4 spot in UK Game Charts and number 3 on Steam Charts


Sonic Frontiers made a strong start to life in the charts, boosting a number 4 spot in the UK Game Charts and sold 5% more than 2017’s release Sonic Forces. While this might not seem a large increase this does not include digital sales so Frontiers’ actual increase over Forces could be quite significant yet. We know more than half of UK game sales are now digital. What was more interesting was the platform break down, while Sonic Forces enjoyed strong sales on the Nintendo Switch, this time the best selling platform for the franchise was as follows; Playstation 5 (40%) Switch (34%) Xbox (14%) and Playstation 4 (12%) But it wasn’t just the UK where Sonic Frontiers is enjoying a successful start to it’s sale life, hit the break to read more how it’s fairing on Steam!

Scrape Your Kocos, Catch Some Sage – Sonic Frontiers is now available!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know by now that Sonic Frontiers is now available on all major platforms! That includes the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. With the game’s launch came a launch trailer that has to be seen to be believed. Think they go with a song like “Vandelize” or “I’m Here”? Think again!

How is the game? You can watch our video review for yourself!

Sonic Frontiers Review: “The Modern Sonic Adventure Sequel”

Sonic Frontiers promises to be the biggest, longest and most open Sonic adventure to date and we here at SEGAbits have been playing the game for a few weeks. Here is our full Sonic Frontiers review, did Sonic Team really nail the open world design or is this just another experiment gone wrong? Find out!

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Sonic Frontiers Prologue shows us how Knuckles arrives on the Starfall Islands

We’re one week away from Sonic Frontiers, and SEGA has dropped a five minute animated short showing fans how Knuckles got from Angel Island to the Starfall Islands. Written by Ian Flynn and Directed by Tyson Hesse, the short brings together elements of the classic era, Sonic Adventure and the upcoming Sonic Frontiers. Social media is already abuzz with the various elements coming together and the characterization and voice work for Knuckles, done by Dave B. Mitchell who joined the cast with Team Sonic Racing.

Sonic Frontiers will launch starting at $59.99 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch™ family of systems and PC on November 8. To pre-order Sonic Frontiers today, please visit:

SEGA releases part 2 of Sonic Frontiers Prologue: CONVERGENCE digital comic

Sonic Frontiers is just days away, and in the lead up to the game’s release SEGA has given fans a two part digital comic starring Sonic, Tails, Amy and Eggman showing the events that lead to the game’s opening moments. The official Sonic Twitter account has shared part one and today dropped part two, with a animated short starring Knuckles soon to follow.

Click on over to the Sonic Twitter account and give them a read!

Data Discs announces Sonic Frontiers 2LP & 4LP soundtracks

Following up from yesterday’s news of Fantasy Zone, SEGA and Data Discs are back with another vinyl release! This time, the focus shifts to modern games as the upcoming Sonic Frontiers will see not one but TWO releases! First up, the 2XLP edition sees a “Sonic Blue” colored vinyl with a 12 page booklet featuring liner notes from Tomoya Ohtani, a lithographic art print of the Japanese cover art all packed in a single pocket sleeve. This edition, seen above, will retail for 32.99 GBP or about $37 USD and will ship around mid December. Learn more about this release here. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

SEGA Unveils Sonic Frontiers Prologue: CONVERGENCE Cover

Today, SEGA revealed the cover for an upcoming digital comic, Sonic Frontiers Prologue: CONVERGENCE. As a prologue to Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Frontiers Prologue: CONVERGENCE is a two part digital comic prologue and dives into the events taking place for Sonic, Tails, Amy and Dr. Eggman right before they begin their journey to the Starfall Islands in search of the Chaos Emeralds.

Part 1 of the comic prologue will launch next Tuesday. Sonic Frontiers will launch starting at $59.99 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch™ family of systems and Steam on November 8.

Source: Sonic Official Twitter

Sonic Frontiers “Combat & Upgrades” trailer gives an in-depth look at the game’s battle system

Sonic Frontiers is less than a month away, so now is the best time for SEGA to make their closing arguments to fans for why the game is worthy of a pre-order. In the latest trailer for the game, the combat and upgrades system is explored in a bit more depth as fans can see how the skill tree unlocks new abilities for in-game combat. There are some fun easter eggs to be found, including moves that appear plucked from Sonic’s history of media including an attack seen in the unreleased Sonic X-Treme and moves straight out of the live action movies.

Sonic Frontiers will launch starting at $59.99 on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch family of systems and PC on November 8. To pre-order Sonic Frontiers, visit:

SEGA and Capcom announce Monster Hunter x Sonic Frontiers DLC

As the release of Sonic Frontiers approaches, SEGA has been revealing bonus content fans can enjoy on and after the game’s release. We’ve already seen the return of Soap shoes, and now we have our first collaboration DLC! Anybody who owns Sonic Frontiers will receive free DLC on November 14th which features content from Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. Sonic can dress as Rathalos and Felyne Rathalos and a meat grilling mini-game will be added which will help Sonic power up. To celebrate the collaboration, SEGA and Capcom’s respective art teams drew up some fun artwork featuring the two franchises.

This DLC is exciting, as it gives us an idea of just how far SEGA can go with the game’s DLC. Sonic being able to wear a full costume opens up so many doors for future content and the addition of a mini game shows us that SEGA is open to expanding gameplay with future DLC.

But the question remains, what is Sonic cooking?

SEGA News Bits Live: Shenmue Anime Cancelled & Sonic’s Soap Shoes Return

Shenmue the anime has been cancelled after a successful first season, Sonic’s Soap shoes are back and Barry has beef with Sonic clothing collabs. All this and more on SEGA News Bits Live!

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SEGA makes newsletters cool again with Sonic Frontiers Soap shoes DLC offering

E-mail newsletters used to be all the rage. Heck, here at SEGAbits we had one for a time. But as time goes on, people’s methods of taking in updates on brands and franchises they love shift and more and more social media becomes the place for such information. NOT ANYMORE. Thanks to SEGA, the company who innovated online home console gaming, 360 degree arcade gaming and 3D fighting games comes the latest innovation: free DLC with a newsletter sign up!

That’s right, if you click on over to the Sonic Frontiers website and scroll to the bottom you will see Sonic in his iconic Soap shoes from Sonic Adventure 2. Why is he wearing these relics of the early 2000s? Because he wants to wear them again in his new game, but he needs your help! If you sign up for e-mail updates from SEGA, you will receive free DLC on the platform of your choice. Pro tip: sign up using multiple e-mail addresses so you can snag DLC for all the major platforms. It’s cool to see Sonic back in his guady grinding shoes, and it opens the door for more throwback shoes in the upcoming game. Fans are already asking for his movie shoes and his Riders shoes. What shoes would you like Sonic to wear in Frontiers? Sound off in the comments below!

SEGAbits @ EGX London 2022: Sonic Frontiers Hands-On Preview

Thanks to the Eurogamer Expo, I finally got my hands on Sonic Frontiers. There are so many questions to be answered. How are the controls? Does the game flow well? Is the Open Zone packed full of activities or is it a barren wasteland? Now after getting my hands on the game, I can finally get some answers and find out if Sonic Frontiers is more than meets the eye.