SEGA Talk #115: E.G.G. Elemental Gimmick Gear (1999)

On this EGGellent EGGpisode of the SEGGA Talk Podcast we will dive YOLK first into Elemental Gimmick Gear, a unique action RPG by a small unknown developer named Birthday. We will look at how a small egg model became a full blown Dreamcast cult classic!

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2 responses to “SEGA Talk #115: E.G.G. Elemental Gimmick Gear (1999)

  1. Mac User says:

    Actually loved playing this one. Feels like a PlayStation One RPG.

  2. DCGX says:

    This game has become a not so hidden gem, but it deserves recognition. I bought it cheap, like $10, at EB Games when the DC was on its way out, but never played it and traded it away. Luckily I re-purchased it a few years ago before the price skyrocketed. It’s a little rough around the edges, but, aside from the SquareEnix remasters, we don’t really get games like this anymore.

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