Red Moon Lost Days is an indie RPG/visual novel for the SEGA Saturn

In the days of old, the long long ago times of 2009, professionally pressed indie games for SEGA consoles were both a rarity and a luxury. There were, at most, two or three games a year for consoles like Master System, Genesis and even the Dreamcast. Nowadays it seems that a new indie game is releasing every few weeks with all the bells and whistles of an official release, including color manuals, pressed CDs and cartridge labels. But, through all that time, rarely (if ever) was the SEGA Saturn given attention. That is why the game Red Moon Lost Days caught my attention.

Red Moon Lost Days by Neuromage Studio and published by The Retro Room Games, is described as a RPG/visual novel and takes advantage of the Saturn’s CD quality sound and enhanced color palette. Worth noting that to run the game, you will need a mod chip or expansion cart like the Action Replay Plus. The game is priced at $29.99 with the option to add an Action Replay Plus for an additional $29.99 (which, let’s be real, if you own a Saturn you really should own an Action Replay Plus).

Once we get our hands on with the game, we will be sure to share more details. In the meantime, hit up The Retro Room Games storefront to learn more about the release!


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