SEGA Japan President hinting at Sonic reboots and remakes

In a recent interview with SEGA Japan President and COO Yukio Sugino via Famitsu, the boss man had expressed interest in ‘reboots and remakes’ of Sonic the Hedgehog games. The interview talks mostly about the success that the Sonic the Hedgehog brand has been having lately with a strong fiscal year and great reception of Sonic Frontiers. Not only that, the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie.

When talking about Samba de Amigo: Party Central, a new revival of a previously dead Sonic Team franchise, Sugino confirmed that the game isn’t a reboot but a new title in the series but was interested in exploring reboots and reboot-like features within new games. He refrenced Sonic Superstars as an example

“a return to 2D action, and although it is a new game, I would like to implement reboot-like measures as well. Of course, we have to do new things, but as with all IPs, we don’t have new works or reboots,. We will develop while selecting which is appropriate at this timing for each IP, such as ‘This is the best way to do this IP’. ‘Sonic’ is also SEGA’s signature IP, and in parallel with the new game, we are considering reboots and remakes.”

This isn’t surprising since Sonic Colors Ultimate was a thing. Considering that a lot of Sonic fans have grown up with older 3D titles that they have been asking remakes for a decade plus, I’d say that I’m all for a Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and even Sonic Unleashed reboots or remakes. What older modern Sonic games do you think deserve a full on remake?

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4 responses to “SEGA Japan President hinting at Sonic reboots and remakes

  1. JE says:

    Sonic CD has always deserved a full remake

    • Mac User says:

      I always thought Sonic CD is perfect in the Whitehead version. You even get both OSTs. You also get to play as other characters which is also in Sonic Origins. What would you do to remake it? Make it like Superstars? Then it will just look like a level from Sonic Generations or something. What’s the point?

  2. Mac User says:

    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Skies of Arcadia, the list goes on for what they could potentially remake!

  3. Ren says:

    Remake like final Fantasy vii remake? At that point, might as well make a new game, and not have the baggage.

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