Japanese Saturn classic Kingdom Grand Prix discovered to have a hidden English translation setting, now unlocked with patch

Image curtesy of Sega Shiro

The long lost discoveries in Sega Saturn classics just keep on coming. Usually fans have to translate Japan-exclusive games in English themselves with fan translations, but it seems the cult arcade shooter Kingdom Grandprix, or Shippuu Mahou Daisakusen (1996), already had one prepared and hidden away in the game all along. Thanks to Saturn homebrew enthusiast and fan translator Malenko, who also discovered hidden characters in the Saturn version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition just last year, as well as Bo Bayles, who it turns out is another familiar name behind some recent crazy Saturn discoveries, a previously undiscovered English language script was found deep within this game’s code. Just like with his NBA Jam discovery, Malenko just happened upon this while poking around in the game’s code. He intended on making his own fan translation of Kingdom Grandprix, and he still ended up doing so as the ready made English script was… rough, to say the least, but it was still enough to aid him as a base for his new script.

Race straight on through the break to learn more and to download the English patch to try for yourself.

There are two English patches available. One unlocking the original hidden script that was obviously written by someone who did not have English as their first language, and the new and improved script by Malenko. Both can be downloaded in this post from the Sega Shiro Patreon, which is accessible even by those who aren’t patrons. As a bonus, both patches also include the “Shooting Mode”, which was previously inaccessible without a certain cheat code, fully unlocked. This mode eschews all of the game’s usual racing elements, making the game play more like a straightforward shmup.

For more info about this patch, check out the article on the subject written by our friends at Sega Shiro!.

Finally, you might notice in the readme file included with the English patches the words in dedication to one Yuki Mei. That would be the adorable puppy belonging to Malenko, pictured below, who sadly passed away last year. On behalf of Segabits, I raise a toast to Yuki Mei’s memory. May the pupper rest in peace.

Malenko’s dog Yuki Mei (April 8th 2006 – June 19th 2023)

So, do you own a copy of Kingdom Grandprix? Will you try the patch? What do you think of it? Chicken is no need, so tell us in the comments below all about this development.

Oh, and btw, if this game seems familiar beyond Saturn, you may also remember it as one of the games included in the Sega Astro City Mini V.


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