Metaphor: ReFantazio™ Panel Announced For Anime Expo Featuring Katsura Hashino & Shigenori Soejima

ATLUS today announced they will host a panel titled “ATLUS Presents: The World of Metaphor: ReFantazio” featuring Katsura Hashino & Shigenori Soejima at Anime Expo 2024 in Los Angeles, California. The panel will be held at the Petree Hall on Friday, July 5, 2024 from 10:30AM to 11:20AM PT.

We will be covering as much SEGA/ATLUS games and events at Anime Expo in person this year. Be sure to follow our social channels for more updates. Check out further details on the Metaphor: ReFantazio panel by hitting the jump!

ATLUS Presents: The World of Metaphor: ReFantazio featuring Katsura Hashino & Shigenori Soejima

Date & Time: Friday, July 5, 2024 from 10:30AM to 11:20AM PT

Location: Petree Hall

Description: Travel beyond Fantasy with Metaphor: ReFantazio! Join Director Katsura Hashino & Character Designer Shigenori Soejima for an exciting panel revealing exclusive characters and unseen footage. Explore game development, character designing, and world-building magic.

Earlier this month, Anime Expo announced that it will recognize both Katsura Hashino and Shigenori Soejima as Guests of Honor at Anime Expo 2024. Katsura Hashino is a game director and producer working at ATLUS, responsible for notable titles including Persona 3™, Persona 4™, Persona 5™, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne™ and Catherine™. After launching his production unit  “Studio Zero” within ATLUS, he is presently immersed in developing the highly anticipated new JRPG Metaphor: ReFantazio.

Shigenori Soejima is a Japanese designer working at ATLUS, known for his work as a character designer on the Persona series, starting with Persona 3. He is currently spearheading the character design for ATLUS’ upcoming JRPG Metaphor: ReFantazio.

Please stay tuned for more details about Metaphor: ReFantazio at Anime Expo. For information on the panel and Anime Expo 2024, visit For more information on Metaphor: ReFantazio, visit


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