Super Mario Bros. now on SEGA Genesis

If for some odd reason, you have to play Super Mario Bros. on your SEGA Genesis. Now you can! Thanks to a kind soul that ported the game over to the 16-bit blast processor.

I’m pretty sure this would have been a bigger deal if it was the days of the ’16-bit war’, but Genesis does what Nintendon’t and now does what they do as well. Take that! The game is titled SMB4MD, standing for Super Mario Bros. for Mega Drive. Makes sense. Also can’t work with Genesis hardware yet, only emulator.

I remember the stories about Yuji Naka making a working NES emulator for the Mega Drive back in the day, seems like everyone else is just catching up.

[Source: Kotaku]

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First ever screens of Sonic the Hedgehog

June 7th, 1990, SEGA showed off Sonic the Hedgehog to the public at the Tokyo Game Show.  When they showed it, the game was 2 months into development. So what they showed was very early.

Above is one of the first screens ever shown to the public and you can tell much has changed. First of all the background, from its odd city and mountains was changed in the final product. Though, regardless of stuff being changed, the art style and vision seemed to be there from day one.  The other screen that 1up had was the early title screen, which looks a lot like the original only without the Green Hill Zone backdrop.

[Source: 1up]